Would you want to undergo surgery where the doctor is unhinged and has anger management issues?

Would you want your police officers and firemen to have anger management issues if they pull you over or are supposed to rescue you from a burning house?

For majority of the people, the answer is a big, fat, NO. However, some idiots in society believe that it is okay for an unhinged pilot to operate a million dollar plane and put numerous lives at risk.

GoAir, owned by the Wadia group had an employee who has a flying record of over 25 years. However, this employee – a pilot – was continuously engaging in hate speech and verbal assault on the internet, perhaps often on company time.

GoAir was quick to recognize this pattern and will no longer allow the pilot from engaging in anger-filled behavior while performing his job.

Mental disorders are a real problem. Mental disorders affect about 13% of the world’s population and these are only numbers which are reported. Millions go undiagnosed and therefore untreated. It is important for us to recognize this serious issue in spite of seeming politically incorrect.

IN CASE this pilot had put the lives of those flying with him at risk, knowingly or unknowingly, the families surely have the right to sue the airlines for employing a emntally unhinged pilot who had repeatedly shown outrage on public forums.

Let us heartily congratulate GoAir for making the right decision. We hope the pilot receives proper diagnosis and help for his condition(s).

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