If Allopathic medicine have deciphered the genetic code of a novel infectious agent,
we hadn’t seen these many reinfection and deaths of Chineese Virus (Covid-19) even after getting complete vaccination.

Human body is having sufficient components to naturally decipher the code of this agent, despite you have to only strengthen your immunity.

Therapy for Vikram patel, Counter responses

“a business titan who has created a corporate empire peddling everything from shampoo and toothpaste to noodles and Ayurvedic medicine.”

-Vikram Patel in his Article

The actual problem doesn’t lie here,
The reason for the loathe of Vikram Patel is that Swami Ramdev have also destroyed many empires. And those empire might been providing a part of their flesh for him.

“So, on behalf of my fellow physicians who labour for years to get into medical school, then many more tedious years to soldier our way through it, and then a lifetime of trying to practise allopathic medicine”

-Vikram Patel in his Article

Everyone knows the intention of a student who wants to go to Medical Colleges and become a doctor.
A person can’t throw 15-55 lakhs without having concrete future expectations of elevated Multiplied Returns.

Alas, there are exceptions.

“Allopathy does not have any cures for these conditions(to conditions in the question list of Swami Ramdev), and never claimed to have one either. But it does have medicines and, on occasion, surgical procedures.”

-Vikram Patel in his Article

‘They aren’t having cure but they will give medicines, surgeries.’
I don’t know from where Vikram Patel have borrowed this highly cealed level of mucky idiocy.
These Medicines and Surgeries, strip out the clothes of patients and make their bodies more then worse. And many such patients are healed by Ayurveda afterwards.

Vikram Patel is accepting that allopathy is not having cure, but we can see his ‘fellow doctors’ playing tricks on patients all around.

“In short, allopathy is much more than a simple drug or remedy: It is the application of a scientific tradition which believes in the interaction of social determinants and behaviour with biology to explain the origins of disease and in the empirical process of testing interventions.”

-Vikram Patel in his Article

Allopathy is not alone connected to biology, science and researches.
Almost all of the popular medical systems are research based. Although the languages, labs and times of research may vary.

“Thanks to this tradition, people around the world can enjoy longer and healthier lives.”

-Vikram Patel in his Article

I can write many books on it, but giving some little glimses below, under the heading “Blunders of Allopathy”

“If he truly believes that his Coronil offering is “an immunity building medicine”, which is what a vaccine also intends to do”

-Vikram Patel in his Article

If Vikram Patel truly believes that both the things are “an immunity building medicine” and are same, then he really needs some study. Because the Vaccine is building artificial immunity and ‘Coronil’ and other herbal immunity boosters are making your body powerful to build it’s own natural immunity.
In short, one is making your body dependent, and the other is making your body ‘Atmanirbhar’.


Blunders of Allopathy

Even If I write my whole life, It will fall short for describing the blunders that alopathy had made.

some glimpses of Miracles of Allopathy-

In 2017, over 17,000 Americans died from taking prescription painkillers.

In 2010, U.S. poison centers reported 17,000 human exposures to ADHD medications, with 80% occurring in children under 19-years-old and 20% in adults.

One 2015 study showed that men who test positive for steroids had twice the rates of cardiovascular disease and death as those with negative tests.

Now let’s go to more relatable issue.

Let’s quickly take the most prescribed medicines;
paracetamol(acetaminophen), aspirin, naproxen and ibuprofen.
All of these medicines are most commonly used in Alopathy, and all of them are disastrously harmful for the kidneys (and even liver) in long term.
And to take these ‘so called medicines’ in long term is the only option available.

The pain gets swiftly killed but the problem remains in the body.
This leads to addiction of such medicines.

In my estimation, there are around 10 Million kidney patients in Bhārat and most of them are actually manufactured by this approach.

In Bhārat, which is a densely populated country with low income, different food, cultural traditions and lifestyle habits, is 7.85 million CRF patients of its 1 billion population and the prevalence rate is 0.78%

December 2007 index (declared by Rajya Sabha), the per capita income in India is ₹20,734 per annum. The total population is 113 crore of which 26% live below the poverty line (BPL) where the daily earning is ₹ 10 only.
The monthly cost of hemodialysis (HD) in most private hospitals averages ₹ 12,000 and the yearly cost of dialysis is ₹140000

The average cost of kidney transplant varies from ₹ 50,000 in a government set-up to ₹ 300,000 in an average private hospital.
Also, the yearly maintenance cost post transplant for the drugs amounts to ₹ 120,000 per year or ₹ 10,000 per month.

How hard it is to cope up for the majority of citizens whose daily income is ₹100-500
But in Ayurveda, you can have ₹0 cost treatments with no side effects and positive impacts.

I am leaving the conclusion on you.

Even If I write my whole life, It will fall short for describing the blunders that alopathy had made.

– Prabal Bharat

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