Not at all like different disciplines that are more unbending and directed like Civil Engineering, google groups Clicker Heroes Software Engineering doesn’t have a bunch of rules to observe by law authorization.

You will not go to prison on the off chance that you don’t do TDD (Test-Driven Design), or even compose tests for your code.

Your framework can turn out great in the event that you don’t follow any lithe technique.

You could convey your next application in an uncovered metal Linux machine as opposed to setting up Kubernetes on a cloud supplier to auto-scale your units, and nobody will whine about execution and such.

We have all perused Clean Code, Clean Architecture, and some other “books of scriptures” of the product advancement world which let us know what are the “accepted procedures”.

We have all gone through hours finding out with regards to Scrum or some comparable system to deal with a product project instead of antiquated course like undertaking the board since that works “best”.

We do huge loads of gatherings, in Scrum alone we have: run arranging, every day scrum, run survey, and run review.

There are days when I keep thinking about whether I go to gatherings professionally as opposed to creating programming.

Anyway, what’s going on with this tirade?

It is about not after indiscriminately the supposed “accepted procedures”.

I do X since Google does, I use Y on the grounds that Facebook utilizes it.

This is a senseless motivation to do or utilize anything.

In the event that you are not working with loads of individuals, in a colossal venture, with large number of synchronous clients, following every one of the “accepted procedures” can be a downside rather than a benefit.

On the off chance that you are working alone, in a little application with a small bunch of clients, it is alright to submit straightforwardly into the fundamental branch in your GitHub repo.

On the off chance that your undertaking isn’t information base serious, or just needs to manage almost no information, you can utilize an installed H2 data set put away straightforwardly in your document framework and it will work more than fine.

There are tasks and groups where it’s a good idea to follow each and every piece of cutting edge design and individuals the board processes there are, however that is absolutely not the situation for your startup of three individuals.

It is not difficult to be misdirected by learning about the most recent tech and thinking “everyone is utilizing this”, when indeed they are not.

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) as a Developer is genuine and you ought to know about this.

Pick the right tech for the right setting in a normal manner.

Pick the right undertaking procedure for the right setting in a levelheaded manner.

You don’t need to discard Scrum completely, you can adjust it and do just 2 of the gatherings depicted rather than every one of them.

You can produce a modest Linux VM and convey your application by hand as opposed to going through hours setting up CI/CD for something you can do physically in a short time.

On the off chance that your application screen is a basic component with one text field and a button (like Google’s landing page), React/Angular/Vue is an over the top excess.

Realize those things, read the books, yet use your best judgment to adjust the “accepted procedures” to exploit what sounds good to your venture and group, and not on the grounds that another person said you should utilize it.

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