Time & again it has been the Hindus who have borne the brunt of the prosecution again and again. Pakistan has been the center of prosecution for Hindus since India’s Independence in 1974. Today Hindus form less than 2% of the total population of Pakistan that was more than 20% at the time of Independence, we have seen the similar trend in Bangladesh & during this year Durga Pooja Festival, we did witness one of the major wave of violence & carnage faced by the Hindu community in recent times.

Hindus in Solidarity @Paris

The effects were visible for most of the world through Social Media & not only in India, the Indian community across the globe have risen in one voice. ISKON Paris & Indian community in France also took the initiative to raise the voice against the attack of Hindus in Bangladesh.

On 31st October 2021, Members of the Hindu community gathered at Tattegrain, Paris to protest against the Injustices, Slaughter & Violence faced by Hindus in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is India’s neighbour & has Hindus as minority so it is obligatory on part of Bangladesh Government to take care of the minority community & protect their Human Rights & Right to Life in Islamic Nation

The initiative brought many people from the community together & along with ISKON Paris & some Hindus from Bangladesh it was an act of defiance & an effort to make the voices of Hindus to be heard on global stage.

As expected the Paris weather changed on an october sunday & our team braved the rains & stood for our brothers & sisters in solidarity

We pledge to take the voice of our community to global audience & ensure our community in any part of the world lives with Dignity.

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