This claim (that Savarkar and Godse were in Homosexual relationship) comes from ‘‘Freedom At Midnight” first edition 1975 (below)

This sparked controversy when Congress Seva Dal booklet titled “Veer Savarkar kitne veer?” made this claim too citing primary source as Freedom at midnight 1975 edition
The claim made in “Freedom at Midnight” (1975 edition) by Dominique and Larry Collins was not supported by any evidence. An article from the Indian Express in 1976 stated that Gopal Godse had asked Dominique and Larry Collins to provide proof of the claim.

Indian Express article : Gopal Godse want ban on this book :

Gopal Godse said he would sue the authors in the Bombay courts for spreading misinformation(spreading misinformation that Savarkar and Godse have homosexual relations).
He challenged Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre, the authors, to “produce any evidence, written or tape-recorded”, to substantiate their version. The authors’ claim was altogether “false” and their assertion “defamatory and lascivious”. He said that necessary steps were underway against the authors for “false, defamatory and libellous allegations”

I have checked later editions
This is from 2009 edition
This claim was removed from the book.

Also this (below) is book review of freedom at midnight published in ‘ The Canadian India Times’ on 5 th Feb 1975 where it is mentioned that book has some flaws.
(Credit for newspaper clipping : Chandrashekhar Sen / Facebook)

The newspaper (above) says that authors speak very highly for charming personality of Mountbatten.

Now let us look at some facts

American intelligence report states that Mountbatten was homosexual with attraction to young boys.
‘Freedom at midnight’ will never highlight this character of Mountbatten.

Congress must first look at their leaders before making any absurd claims regarding veer Savarkar

Daily Mail Is one of the reputed News site in UK
It is reported by Daily Mail that
Indian government spends £700,000 to buy letters which ‘prove national hero Gandhi was gay’
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