Take a look at the recruits for the West Bengal Police. 49/50 names are of minorities.

Did you know that minorities can double dip? Meaning, they can claim minority status and therefore get special privileges, + they can claim backward status in caste and reap more special privileges.

In short, it is more beneficial for anyone in India to convert out of Hinduism and into a supposed “minority” religion to get benefits in the education and public sector employment.

This is bad news for West Bengal Hindus who technically still make up a majority.

When the bureaucracy and especially law enforcement become “captured” or hijacked by a group, they are all set to carry out genocides and pogroms. And this becomes state sponsored terror, and happens right under the nose of the Chief Minister, Governor, or whomever in charge.

Street level bureaucrats – police officers – are powerful entities and the state of West Bengal is filling the posts with those who have ideological loyalties to worldwide Jihadi agenda. Hindus will soon 1) flee; 2) get slaughtered. Some might get converted if they want to live.

Expect more mayhem, rapes, brutal murders, hangings and lynching in West Bengal. Hitler didi is hellbent on turning the state into West Bangladesh.

The Center is still missing in Action, watching Hindus get hacked every single day.

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