Another case of torture of Hindu woman by a Muslim family to force her to convert to Islam on marriage to a Muslim man has come to light in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. A Hindu woman was harassed, tortured and thrown out of her matrimonial home by her Muslim in-laws for refusing to convert to Islam.

In Gwalior’s Saraswati Nagar area, Madhu Batham fell in love with a Muslim man, Bittu Khan and married him 10 years ago and forged a bond transcending religious faiths. Bittu Khan converted to Hinduism to marry Madhu and the marriage was conducted as per Hindu customs according to their mutual decision.

Now, Bittu Khan’s family has thrown out Bittu Khan and Madhu with their three very young children as Madhu refused to convert to Islam or grow her children as Muslims after marriage.

Soon after marriage, Bittu Khan in his own way let his family members torture her and harass her to convert to Islam. According to Madhu, in her 10 years of marriage she was harassed by Bittu Khan’s elder brother Tittu Khan and his wife Reshma and other family members to convert to Islam. In her 10 years of marriage Madhu says she faced threats of rape and constant abuse for not converting to Islam.

Two days ago, Madhu, her husband Bittu Khan and her three children have been mercilessly thrown out of their house by her in-laws for consistently refusing to convert to Islam. When she complained against her in-law’s torture to the police, she was threatened that they would kill her, her husband and children too if she continues to seek justice.

After this, Madhu, her husband and children sat on dharna for protection and justice at Rani Laxmi Bai Samadhi. The police reached out to her and assured her justice and protection.

Gwalior ASP, Gitika reportedly stated that a complaint has been lodged by a woman who married 10 years ago and has been now thrown out of her matrimonial home along with her husband by her in-laws. ASP also assured to take swift action in the case after an investigation.

News input: Sudarshan News.

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