Khela Hobe of muslim community against Hindus is not taking a pause. Repeated instances can be heard daily under the rule of TMC led by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee. By closely looking at these happenings, one can easily predict that West Bengal is soon going to become the next Bengaldesh where Hindus are brutally murdered in daylight, Hindu women raped and Hindu men are mutilated.

A recent case came up from Burdwan district of West Bengal where the Muslims of that area encroached the land which belonged to the Hindu community. Muslims also publicaly threatened to molest and rape Hindu women if the Hindus resisted and burn Hindu temples. Primary with Deshbandhu Club of Katwar at Mansa temple near school, the hindu owner of that place had given the fence, after that some muslim Jihadis of Mandalpara behind the temple came by and broke the fence. These Jihadis threatened to build a mosque there and threathened to pick Hindu women from streets and rape them.

It’s sad that no voice could be heard from the mainstream media standing for the rights of Hindus only because they live in a so called majority Hindu country. A particular lobby who claims themselves to be the flagbearers of secularism and human rights always go on to cower behind a lamp post when it comes to standing for innocent Hindus.

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