Prime Minister of India, Shree Narendra Modi Ji mentioned the date of 5th March 1966 & Mizoram in the ParliamentSession while replying on the NoConfidence Motion passed by the opposition.

So what happened on 5 Mar 1966 in Mizoram? March 5–is inarguably one of the most shameful days in independent Bharat’s history. Not well-known in rest of Nation as This SHAMELESS chapter is suppressed by successive CONgress governments in Delhi, THEN State of #Assam & the Lyuten Media!

March 5, 1966, was the day when Indian Air Force (IAF) fighters RAINED INCENDIARY BOMBS & STRAFED MANY URBAN CLUSTERS in Lushai Hills district of #Assam . THE BOMBING OF NATION’s OWN CITIZENS WAS ORDERED BY THE THEN PRIME MINISTER INDIRA KHAN-GANDHI. Why did I say #Assam in earlier post when I’m talking on #Mizoram ? Definitely,I’m not drunk. Like several other Northeastern States of Bharat, Mizoram was previously part of Assam until 1972, till it was carved out as a Union Territory. Remember this when you read ahead. So why did Indira Khan-Gandhi use Nation’s Air Force to bomb our own Nation’s Citizens? To crush insurgent group “Mizo National Front” (MNF), which was then an insurgent outfit & Today a registered political party who runs State Govt in #Mizoram.

So what wrong Indira Khan-Gandhi did if she used Force to crush insurgency? Shouldn’t Govt take ANY step to protect Nation from External as well as Internal Enemies? Of course, it MUST! But against Enemies! Not on those who are MADE Enemy of Nation by Govt itself!! Right? To understand my words, let me give you background of MNF! MNF wasn’t a militant outfit initially. How #Mizo Insurgency Started? A devastating famine in Lushai Hills triggered it. In 1959, Bamboo Plants started flowering in Lushai Hills, after a gap of every 40-50 yrs. These flowers are favourite of rodents who feed on it & multiply fast. Rodents started feeding on foodstocks & standing crops… causing acute food shortage & Famine, called ‘mautam’ in Mizo.

The #Assam State Govt & Central Govt completely mishandled the situation. In fact….it was totally not even bothered with grief of #Mizos. Who was in power in Centre as well as Assam that time?…. Obviously, CONgress!! And As a result, hundreds died of starvation. A Social Service Group by name of ‘Mizo Cultural Society’ was formed with Laldenga as its secretary, plunged headlong into famine relief work. It renamed itself as the ‘Mautam Front’ in March 1960 and then as ‘Mizo National Famine Front’ in September that year.

Thus MNF wasn’t a born Militant Outfit! But the level of frustration just went on increasing day by day with complete ignorance & apathy of CONgress Govts, both in Centre & State….so much so, that a feeling of detachment from Bharat started growing in minds of #Mizos ! This Detachment gave birth to ambition of having independent territory for #Mizos

This was most lucrative situation for External Enemies who aim to destabilize Bharat & was readily grabbed by #Pakistan & #China who promised MNF full support if it breaks away from Bharat. Finally, MNF declared independence from Bharat in early hours of March 1, 1966. Following this declaration, MNF rebels launched coordinated attacks on Bharat’s Army & Paramilitary installations all over the Lushai Hills ( present-day state of #Mizoram ). Still Egoistic Indira Khan-Gandhi didn’t bother to open Channels of Communications with MNF. Instead, she ordered Air Force to attack Aizawl (today’s Capital of #Mizoram ) & surrounding areas. Not even Air-dropping of soldiers but directly Bombing…our own citizens. IAF fighters–Hunters & Toofanis–
were despatched from IAF’s base in Kumbhirgram in to bomb Aizawl & 9 other major villages in Lushai Hills from Mar 5.

Timeline of IAF Bombing (March 1966)–
6th: Khawzawl
7th: Hnahlan
8th: Sangau
9th: Tlabung
13th: Pukpui
23rd: Bunghmun

Mualthuam & Tuipui bombed on Sept 6 & Hmuntlang on 31 Jan 1967. 100s of incendiary bombs reduced houses, schools, churches & even Govt healthcare centres to ashes. 25000+ People displaced. Lives destroyed. No. of deaths? Not even available as Indira blacked out all news. And remember! All THIS without even establishing communication with insurgents after forcing them to become insurgent. #Assam CONgress Govt refused instead added fuel to fire by making Assamese Compulsory 1st language all over the state, including the Lushai Hills. Today, PM Modi Ji referred to this blunder by Indira Khan-Gandhi! Compare this with patient handling of #ManipurVoilence by #Modi Ji! No Force used, Communication channels always open for negotiations!


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