The mind-numbingly cruel beheadings in Paris, which brought back the memories of barbaric ISIS beheadings, drew sharp reactions from people who cherish democratic values and freedom of expression. None other than the president of France, Immanuel Macron, led the fightback against the radical Islamists and their atrocities. Unlike Prime Minister Modi, who did not utter even a single word of condemnation after Islamists slaughtered Kamlesh Tiwari, Immanuel Macron strongly condemned the gory murder of Samuel Patty, a teacher who showed Muhammad cartoons as part of his classroom teaching.

The French government has set an example for the entire world with its touch talk backed by strong action against the radical Islamists in the aftermath of the beheadings. They not only eliminated the terrorist without wasting much time, but also announced the posthumous conferral of the highest civilian award, the Legion of Honor, on Samuel Patty. They started a crackdown on Islamists and the places from where they operate. In an act of defiance, they even projected Muhammad cartoons on a government building.

It is a well-known fact that democratic societies face an existential threat from Islamism as the idea of democracy is alien to it. The widely prevalent imposition of Sharia in Muslim-majority countries is an ample manifestation of the fact that Islam and democracy are poles apart. They want the draconian Sharia even in the countries where they seek asylum. Their overenthusiasm to maintain a separate identity and their obsession with Ummah pose a serious threat to the nation-states and their native cultures.

It is a well-known fact that Sharia is the most pernicious system that has the potential to neutralize the progress made by humanity and push it back into the stone ages. Therefore, humanity must be wary of Islamism and its efforts to spread all over the world through Jihad. Many people must be aware by now that Jihad comes in multiple manifestations such as demographic jihad, digital jihad, truck jihad, etc, making it all-pervasive.

Therefore, the world must take a leaf out of France’s book and combat the fast-spreading Islamism tooth and nail. If humanity uses any kind of appeasement against Islamists it will prove to be a death knell to the entire humanity and the people will have to forgo their cultures, lifestyles, and most importantly their freedom, and subjugate themselves to the brutal Sharia.

As Immanuel Macron had rightly stated, Islam is in crisis all over the world. It is resorting to increasing violence to save itself from sinking into oblivion. The mind-numbing cruelty manifested by Islamists will only intensify in the coming decades and the world must gear itself up to combat them to safeguard its democratic and liberal values. The world must not forget the fact that values such as democracy and freedom of expression evolved over many centuries and as such humanity can’t afford to forgo them. If humanity remains oblivious to what is happening, they end up leaving their posterity vulnerable to unspeakable atrocities.

After the French government started taking decisive steps against the pernicious Islamism in France, failed states such as Pakistan and Turkey are spearheading a campaign against France. The beleaguered state heads who are at the helm of Pakistan and Turkey – Imran Khan and Recep Tayyip Erdogan – have called for boycotting the French goods. These two rogue nations, which became notorious for aiding and abetting Islamic terrorism all over the world, are expected to bank more on radical Islam and its clergy to sail through the internal political crisis they are facing.

The world is currently facing a grave threat from Islamists and Leftists who complement and support each other. If these two rogue ideologies are not destroyed, humanity would get swallowed by them.

In India, the situation is becoming increasingly precarious. We all know how the Islamists held the nation to ransom by establishing an Islamist no-go zone at Shaheen Bagh on the pretext of protests, and how the so-called protests led to widespread riots that snuffed out the lives of many innocent people.

Congress and Communists in India emerged as the strongest advocates for the radical Islamic terror and they don’t leave any chance to be the apologists for the terror. Many states in India such as Kerala and West Bengal are getting transformed into terror hubs. Therefore, all the right-thinking Indians must extend their strongest support to Immanuel Macron and the people of France. As combating Islamic terror requires herculean efforts, the world must come together and make concerted attempts to defeat it. If the world is lenient on Islamic terror it would end up paving the way for the draconian Sharia.

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