The American Association of Witches cast a spell on Putin, Xi and the Iranian Mullahs. It worked for a while but as the bonhomie between the three broke down, the spell too faded away. We would have never known about what the US did next to Putin, the short-term enemy number one, though Xi remains at the top in somewhat longer time-frame. The most powerful body in Russia is the Security Council of the Russian Federation, or the Sovbez. It has on board the top civilian and uniformed brass. Of course, despite the colour and pomp, it is a consultative body; in Russia nobody is allowed to take decisions except Putin, the only one who wears the crown of thorns. Alexey Pavlov, the assistant secretary of this powerless, blabbering group, wrote an article on October 26 for Putin’s favourite website, “What is cooked in the ‘witch’s cauldron’. Neo-pagan cults gain strength in Ukraine.” Pavlov tells us how Kiev’s anti-revolution of 2014, that destroyed daughter Russia’s influence over mother Ukraine, was the result of Satanic cults taking roots in that country. It was not always like that; after all, the true belief of Russian Orthodox Christianity was born in Kiev as was the Russian language. He discloses the Western sabotage that replaced the holy with the unholy Satanism.

Pavlov explains methodically how the West, particularly the US, successfully executed the plan to “reformat the minds of Ukrainian citizens, to force them to abandon centuries-old traditions, to ban the real values ​​that are carried by the Orthodox faith, Islam and Judaism.” So, mind you, it is not only Putin’s faith that is in the guillotine, it is also of the mullahs of Iran and Saudi Arabia, with the hijab of Mrs Erdogan, that was restored by her husband-president, in danger once again. The old and eternal ally of the US, Israel too is in the cross-hairs of Biden if Pavlov is to be believed. We have no reason to doubt him as Russians always speak the truth of the moment; when Putin did not want to invade Ukraine, he said so. Next day, when he wanted to invade, he said so and invaded. If on some day, he did not want conscription, he spoke the truth. A week later, he wanted conscription, he again spoke the truth. It is the deep-seated prejudice of the West that seeks to find the needle of falsehood in the haystack of Putin’s statements. Pavlov tells us how the 2014 Maidan Revolution threw up Oleksander Turchynov as President of Ukraine and this man was no politician but “the pastor of the Word of Life neo-Pentecostal church, a branch of the Boston movement Church of Christ.” The Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, was a follower of the Church of Scientiology, a cult so dangerous that the ever-vigilant Putin had banned it in Russia before anyone knew that it existed. That is the advantage of having a former spy as the supreme leader of the nation; he knows that something is going to be dangerous before it is born. It is not as far-fetched as it seems and the idea finds place in Hindu scriptures; the demon Kansa knew that a son that will be born to Devaki will be his nemeis. He  tried numerous times and ways but failed to destroy Krishna. Putin does not know the word “failure” because he can truthfully speak a different truth the next day.

Pavlov does not leave us in any doubt about the motives of this Western conspiracy of sowing discord between mother Ukraine and daughter Russia. He reminds us that Victor Pinchuk, son-in-law of the second President, wrote the blasphemous book “Ukraine is not Russia”. 90 years ago, one Volodymyr Shayan, who received the original Satanic revelation, sowed the seeds of discord between the mother and the daughter but the vigilant Soviets, where too Putin’s hawk-eyes watched from the KGB, and then the Russians under Putin, saw to it that these seeds do not bloom. Watchful readers would have noticed how Zelensky’s mother named him Volodymyr after the despicable sorcerer, removing any doubt that what goes around with the mask of a comedian actually has an evil Satanist under it. Putin, in spite of all his capabilities, could not prevent these seeds from bursting forth into poisonous flowers in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, the Gang of Four, where the Runic faith and temples flourished. These crept into Ukraine as Putin was temporarily distracted by his girl-friend Alina and by the task of rejoining the severed limbs like Crimea of mother Ukraine to daughter Russia.

Pavlov tells us that today Ukraine is awash with the followers of the Satan, with unholy enterprises like “the Association of Rodnovers of Ukraine, “Rodobozhie”, “White Hammer”, “Perun’s Army”, “Mokosha”, “White Hort”, “Great Fire”, “Grandchildren of Veles,” all of them Nazis by another name and still as malodorous. Coming from such a senior official, the information is inherently credible but to make it more so we may mention that the “Church of Satan” is legal in the US and we can get the whole picture by putting two and two together. How things have rotted in the 1000 years before which   the “Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Grand Duke Vladimir, the Baptist of Russia” sanctified the daughter with his blessings! Notice again how the vigilant mother of the vigilant spy named her son Vladimir after the holy saint, in contrast to the wicked mother of the wicked comedian.

Why should we, in India, be concerned with all this proliferation of the cult of Satan in Ukraine in aid of the unholy effort by the mother to spite her daughter. After all, in all votes on the subject at the United Nations, India wisely opted to abstain, refusing to choose between the Baptist’s follower Vladimir Putin and Satan’s follower Volodymyr Zelensky, thus putting us in a position to take advantage of both. Both are cold countries, soon to be frozen, across high mountains and Indians go there only to get medical and engineering degrees, much cheaper than in the greedy West. We would have remained aloof but for the Russians reminding us of something sinister trying to drive a wedge between democratic India and Putin’s “democratic with special characteristics” Russia. A vigilant anti-cultist lawyer Alexander Korelov exposed a conspiracy on October 25 on the pages of the very reliable Izvestia, (which has a hoary past going back to being the official newspaper of the Communist Party in the USSR and can thus be relied upon to give only reliable news). It said that Jehovah’s Witnesses, Islamic terrorists, scientologists and INDIAN SATANISTS have joined hands for a coup to depose Putin and to instal a Satanic government in Moscow as they have already done in Kiev. We may think that for once in its long career, Izvestia might have slipped and that this news, at least the Indian part of it, could not be true.

India does have its tradition of evil worship; we have our tantriks whose help is invoked by those having enemies, and that includes almost everybody, to bring ill luck on their adversaries. Politicians resort to these tantriks at election time when they think their line cannot be stretched further and so it is time to shorten that of the opponents, with the effort sometimes extending to shortening of the lifeline. If the witches and Satanic cults of the US can be interested in extending their domain over the Steppes, why would Indians not be. The Izvestia article included a photograph that we have reproduced at the top of this piece. For those unfamiliar with the Cyrillic script, Izvestia has provided the details. We reproduce these verbatim (except that we have withheld the name of the spiritual master), as the seriousness of the matter demands, with the disclaimer that the views are entirely of Korelov and Izvestia and we bear no responsibility for these.

“Other darker forces are also being mobilized. Earlier this month, the Russian Orthodox Church expressed concern for billboards that appeared in Berdsk, in the Novosibirsk Oblast, advertising the Indian new religious movement Sahaja Yoga, founded by spiritual master, … who died in Italy in 2011. Sahaja Yoga is not banned in Russia (so far), but Korelov claims it is a form of ‘Indian Satanism’ that practices ‘ritual murder’.”

We beieve, hope and pray that it is not true and even if Korelov believed it was true on that day, he should speak the new Russian truth now and say that it is no more true. In case somebody claims, as is very common in India, that by including this quote we have hurt their feelings, we may inform that we Indians have respect and love for all such “spiritual masters” and affectionately call them Bapu, Mataji, Guru, Swami and such other endearments. We follow them when they are here as well as when they are in their afterlife. We look towards them for inspiration when they are above law as also when the law is making a pretense of chasing them when they are comfortably ensconced on some idyllic island in a foreign jurisdiction. Whether in jail or on bail, spiritual masters never fail to raise us Indians towards higher levels of existence.

Therefore, if someone feels that we have treaded on sensitive, forbidden, hallowed ground, we have already drafted a letter of apology and will mail it, without charge, to all such repositories of hurt feelings. We have published this piece only with one motive: “Forewarned is forearmed” – the warning is for Putin. India is in no danger.

DISCLAIMER: The author is solely responsible for the views expressed in this article. The author carries the responsibility for citing and/or licensing of images utilized within the text.