Mandana Karimi, an actress, and former Bigg Boss competitor, organized a lone protest in Mumbai. The star posted a video of herself demonstrating at Mumbai’s Bandstand and raising her voice in support of the women’s rights movement taking place in her native Iran on her now-private Instagram page.

The actor was seen standing by herself in the now-private account’s video with a sign that spoke of the country’s horrors against women. Even though the Lock Upp star was the only one protesting, she said she thought it was crucial to do so. According to several sources, Karimi stood there for three hours, talking to people and informing them about the current condition of affairs in Iran.

Why weren’t other Muslim women “who are forced to wear hijab” joining the actor, questioned Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen.

Taslima Nasreen wrote, “Iranian actress Mandana Karimi staged a solo protest in Mumbai against the hijab. Why is she alone protesting? Why are Muslim women from Mumbai who are forced to wear hijab not joining her?”

How can they? Third-generation converts are protesting to wear hijabs in schools and at examination venues while Muslim women from Islamic nations are standing against the hijab in response to the tragic death of Mahsa Amini. Islamic activists like Arfa Khanum and Rana Ayyub supported the Muslim women who wore the hijab during the well-known hijab protests but in the case of Iranian women they covered their lips. At the same time, they can’t open up because they can’t allow non-believers to have a chance to take on them, and secondly because they’ll be beaten by the male members.

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