On social media when I shared the statement from Swami Nityananda on his recent actions that created a limelight in Western media for holding a sister city agreement with Newark, I saw the hate from the general public as I used to see earlier for Modi, Trump, and Asaram Bapu.

“This guy is a fraud and I am not sure why you are hell-bending to support him. He destroys so many young/teenager’s lives….”

I used to think the same for Shankaracharya between 2001 to 2009/11 when he was behind bars during trial for the murder of some assistant. He was arrested by the J Jayalalitha govt of TN on the night of Diwali 2001. Until he was proven innocent and free from all charges by the court in 2009/11.

I used to think the same for Narendra Modi from 2002-2012 for his role in the 2002 Gujarat Riots which happened after the 2002 Godhra Massacre of 59 Innocent Hindus. Media since 2002 showed me, Modi, saying that “Gujarat riots is the reaction to Godhra Massacre”.

Until I saw the complete video evidence where Modi clearly said that Gujarat Riots is a “Reaction to the action. His Govt is trying to stop this process”. I read the SIT report and found out that Modi was innocent all these years.

I used to think the same way for Asaram Bapu until I come across a copy of the FIR where no “Rape” is mentioned and some sources told me that 100 crores were asked of him for his freedom.

Asaram Bapu was doing amazing work to stop missionary activities in rural India. His arrest increased missionary activists in Punjab Haryana Delhi UP MP and Gujarat Rajasthan.

I clearly see a pattern that is not easy to understand .

A Democrat voter still used to think the same for Trump.
And, we all know how they are waking up to “Let’s go Brandon” through the hard times the US is going through. The debacle of Afghanistan. And the repeated falling off through stairs by POtUS+ slippery blabbers during a speech to nation+Woke agendas in Fed.

Experience teaches us a lot. It is on us if we refuse to learn from experience or move ahead and stand with the truth.

Take a step back and think why this guy is still staying strong when Indian Police and system+US workers are not supporting him.

My suspicion grows when I see hate by Woke Media for someone and given negative coverage. It’s not only Fox News and other Western media houses but many Indian media houses have been showing Swamy in a negative limelight since 2010. And I have seen reports and videos that clearly show that he didn’t engage in any rape or activity as allegations were made in video reports at that time.

Imagine it’s over a decade and he is still standing strong. He moved out of India in Nov 2019 after a case of rape against him is registered in Gujarat. Not at the time of 2010 when the first allegations were made and the video surfaced. Clearly, he has defended himself long enough in Indian courts.

U guys may want to stand with Woke Media, but I will evaluate my stand every day based on my past experience and current events.

I didn’t care about Swami Nityanand until I saw the pattern against him emerging as the same pattern observed for Modi, Trump, Kachi Shankarpeeth, and Asaram Bapu.

You bring the name of anyone above and woke will start crying due to the hate woke media generated in them for these figures.

Grow up, guys.

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