Sanatan Hindu is the oldest Surviving and growing tradition of life, you call it religion, culture or civilization, Sanatanai Hindu will not disapprove or take offence of such myriad notations.  


Within, Hidden are the mystery of its continuity and Survival, and that is this tolerance. An ability to listen, discuss, debate, dissent, disagree and relearn. No religion of word and intellectual worshipper of Lenin and Marx can exhibit such an authority on their character since their nascency.

Sanatan evolved into a Library of content through Ved (Knowledge), Vedang, Puran, Upnishad, Arayanak, Epic Ramayan and Mahabharat and endless contribution by Sages of different ages. It professed philosophy with both complementary and conflicting recitation on all aspects of physical to metaphysical life. Yet the differences survived together within Sanatan. An inclusive ubiquitous expression of connection between a humane and his Creator God.

One life of a human is grossly insufficient to even gaze at it, forget reading, understanding or memorizing it.

But In the Political History of Bharat, the troika of tolerance, inclusivity, and hospitality the basis of our Spiritual consciences has left us politically impoverished.

 Our Political decline is a subject matter not debated and not learnt by masses. Why Sanatani lost its territorial Geography of Indonesia Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh to Islam, Far East to Christian missionary. It is still not a forgotten chapter of a bloody trail of brutality and misfortune for those humans.

While Sanatani Hindu awakens the spiritual Soul, it is bereft of Political achievement and is shrinking in geography in defense with visible infirmity and insecurity.

Why So?  Let us look at the class of Social division of Sanatani Hindu, following four divisions that are unwritten and undiscussed. Let us try to see it from a different prism.

Political Hindu: – This is a group of Hindu who are aware of their political rights and objectives. They have an understanding of hidden enemy, historical deceit by enemy and conspiracy being planned by their adversary. Despite all internal dissent, this group of Hindu are prepared to commit Political unity and stay relevant for Hindu Awareness. All religious and spiritual upliftment is possible under a Hindu Political system and they strive hard to defend this truth and make Hindu society aware about this. Unfortunately they are significantly less in number and certainly not more than 20% of our Hindu Society.

Spiritual Hindu: – The conscience keeper of our Sanatani Hindu Society, innocent and simple, this group leads life without cribbing and complaining. They enjoy practicing their meditation and live in their own secluded world. Bereft of any political ambition, they just long for peace and purity in their life. They are reclusive and do not intend to lead the Hindu society by their choice. They are less than 5% of Hindu Society with having no social and political opinion about Society.

Ritualistic Hindu: –   Most Visible Group of Hindu who follow and practice tradition and rituals, enjoy going to temple, carry their religious duty and remain vibrant as social groups. But this group of Sanatani Hindu has divided political affiliation based upon all factors except for their Hindu religious identity. They are an extremely unaware group of Hindu, who do not know that the temple they love and worship is being controlled, plundered and exploited by the political group they vote for.  They are not aware about missionary conversion happening to their kids in the Convent School and illegal prayer homes surrounding them. They buy and pay Halal certified goods and article, without knowing, how his money promotes the jihadi ideology. They would even sympathize with illegal immigrants on humanitarian ground. Until mishap of the order of Love Jihad or similar deceit happens, they maintain gullibility and forgetfulness to any advance advice. They know the bloodiest and gruesome Hindu killing of Mopilla, Noakhali and Mirpur of Modern India but would not take lessons on personal or social safety from them. And they are a sizable segment of Hindu Society, they would be around 50% approximately. Huge in number yet unconscious of their political rights and divided numerically into insignificance.

Atheists: – Beauty of Hindu Sanatan where no word called blasphemy or blasphemous exits.  No other religious identity approves of atheism. There is death penalty for every professing atheist in all other codified religious identity. But it is Sanatani Hindu, with its liberal and assimilative outlook, even atheists are acknowledged section of Hindu Society. Largely a materialistic group with a penchant for wealth aggregation, professional success, career growth and liberal view on abstract subjects. But hidden are some conflicts. A Narcissist who hates their upbringing and tradition and licks anything that is foreigner. Fearful and fainthearted, they would oppose liberal dignified Sanatan religion vociferously but would cower into shell before other jihadi and hateful elements. Being professionally equipped, they would be deceitful and dubious in group behavior towards fellow Hindu society and their interest. There is a significant section nearly 25% of Hindu Society, who fall in the category of atheist Hindu and have been cheating the Hindu society on the whole.

While demarcations and approximation of this Hindu classification could be debated and questioned, yet the vast majority that includes Atheists, Ritualistic and Spiritual do not contribute for political empowerment of Hindu Society. While there are over 100 countries with Christian identity and 50 countries with Islamic identity, Majority of Hindu lack confidence in demanding to defend their identity.

A civilization which has chiseled stone and carved out Mountain to make unimaginable engineering marvel are clueless to claim their Superior identity. Most Scientific interpretation of Life originated in Sanatani Yog and Ayurved, yet our Hindu Majority are lacking Sagacity to reclaim its glory.

Grow but never uproot your Sanatani Religious Identity.

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