4th July is the independence day of United States when in 1776, the thirteen colonies located on the Atlantic Coast declared their independence.

Modiji on the behalf of India Wished and Congratulated US on the occasion. But no political party wished the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) on it’s centenary celebrations. This was a subtle message to China that India values US more as a trusted economic, scientific and ideological partner.


I would highlight the below facts:

  1. Originally, it was said that Communism is a global movement working for emancipation of the working classes whom they call proletariat and save them from bourgeoise.
  2. But, what has happened with all Communist countries? All of them have become extremely corrupt and China or Russia have now become neo-colonial predators.
  3. After 2004, China had penetrated Indian markets greatly. Luckily, Modiji got elected and due to many steps taken by him, Indian industry is back on track or else it would have been decimated.
  4. China is the sponsor of terrorist groups based in Pakistan.
  5. China is literally confronting India every where, starting from Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and hundreds others.

In single sentence, China is the mortal enemy of India at the moment. India and China will remain eternal enemies.

Due to various reasons, US and India have common interests now.

So my questions to the communists are as follows:

  1. Do you not know that Communism was never global movement, but a ploy by few corrupt plutocrats to use that slogan to gain power and loot?
  2. In spite of knowing that China is the mortal enemy of India, why are you so happy in CCP completing hundred years?
  3. In current circumstances, US is India’s best friend. Then why do you still treat US as an enemy?

You deserve to be finished if you keep such mentality.

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