It has been more than one year for the deadly Chinese virus spread around the world but the totalitarian government of China has never admitted about their crime. Chinese establishment blame everyone around they for the havoc, blimey? No, nobody needs to feel surprised. In fact, they have blamed from Italians, to Americans to now Indians for spreading the disease. According to the Chinese scientists the deadly novel corona virus originated in India in the summer of 2019, well and Indians did not even notice such a thing happening.

The latest propaganda machine from the land of Mao claims that researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences found the COVID-19 virus most likely originated in India in summer 2019. Nonetheless, as per their convoluted mind the virus jumped from animals to humans via contaminated water. The lunatic minds then claim that the virus then travelled unnoticed to Wuhan, where it was first detected.

India must thank Chinese for detecting the virus as it is they who helped the world with the detection. The world should be grateful the Chinese Communist Party always keeps the global interest in higher priority.

Why is China going neurotic?

Ever since the Chinese establishment has been caught pants down for spreading the Chinese virus around the world, it has tried quite maliciously to show it did not originate in Wuhan. The compromised leadership of the World Health Organization tried to defend China whenever there were some allegations and accusations on it from any quarter. As several of the researchers have found that Chinese virus leaked from the bio weapon lab, the national Chinese media has been trying hard to refute those claims. It helps Chinese to blame others to distract from the investigations that is being discussed at global forums as the disease has killed millions of people.

The study that claims that Chinese virus may have originated in India according to the researchers is based on the fact that because India and Bangladesh both recorded samples with low mutations and are geographic neighbors, it is likely that the first transmission occurred there.

The WHO Investigation on Chinese Virus

After a lot of allegations against Tedros Adhanom, the Director General of the World Health Organization, the credibility of the global body has been shaken quite significantly. Donald Trump had earlier decided to defund the organization since it abdicated from the duty bestowed upon by the countries. An interesting development has been that after all those initial failures the WHO has decided to find out where did COVID come from? However, the investigation is facing huge challenges since Chinese are not going to cooperate even a bit, instead blaming India.

According to the report from The Nature, an international team of epidemiologists, virologists and researchers who have credible work in public health, animal health and food safety are set to leave for China for an investigation. Although the initial phase of investigations in Wuhan will probably be conducted by researchers already in China, the new WHO team would first appraise itself with the findings and then decide the further course of action.

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