We have been witnesses to a spate of mass protests in recent days. On any given day, having protests organised by groups of people who are outraged over some or the other issues, isn’t a big deal in a democratic setting. But the nature of protests has raised a number of unsettling questions among the general public.

Now, a protest can be triggered anywhere in the country without a rhyme or reason. Streets get crammed in no time with aggressive, vociferous and often violent protesters. It’s as if protests have, all this while, been waiting in the wings to happen. The studied wait is only for an excuse to invent itself or a spin that can be given to a news to blow the fuse.

The trend of protests is anything but peaceful and to suggest otherwise is delusional. People seem to have got ideas from violent stone-throwing kind of protest in J&K. They do forget that these kind of methodologies can only get you this far and what lies beyond that is a foregone conclusion.

Some elements are restless. Their business of disruption has no willing shareholders now. They have been disallowed the free pass to openly consort with their foreign partners in Pakistan, China, UK, USA etc. With stricter FCRA rules cash flow has dried up. Many NGOS have shut shop including the biggest fraud of them all: Amnesty international. All of these were into the business of religious conversion, into hate campaign against Hindus in the name of secularism and into providing justifications for terrorism inflicted by Pakistan on our country.

A lot of people in the media are feeling orphaned. The game of cosying upto their masters in the government and playing up the secular, liberal narrative is gone. So has the prospect to amass ill-gotten wealth, to jet-set to exotic foreign locations, to wine and dine in palatial hotels and to thumb their noses at ordinary Indians.

Now, they have come together to wreak havoc in the streets. They are desperate to bring Congress back to power. Congress is a hazard to our country which is ready to unleash its loonies on us to stage a comeback to power. It’s incapable of doing any good for this country. So, it still has to harp on its perverted theory of secularism, peace talks with Pakistan and China and on bringing back article 370 in J&K. Communists are the willing henchmen of Congress, polluting the university campuses with toxic noise and filling the streets with hooligans to carry out vandalism.

Actors everywhere are same as protests shift from one stage to another. Bhima koregaon violence saw a huge turnout of people that included naxal supporters, leftwing extremists showing up as Dalits, Congress supporters and always on-hire Bhim army. The violence with which they laid siege to streets had common people shut themselves in their homes for days out of fear for their lives. Anti-CAA protest in Delhi started similarly with many leftist and Islamist groups staging protests everywhere in the country, culminating in laying seige to Saheen Bagh area. What followed that was a well-orchestrated communal riot that left hundreds dead and many houses and shops completely burnt. The same footprints of leftists, Islamist PFI, Congress and other such assorted groups are evident here too as in Bhima Koregaon violence.

The pattern is repeating itself in the current farmers’ protest. The same Congress that has passed a bill to render center’s farm bill ineffective in Punjab has conspired to let loose its goons on capital Delhi. They are mostly Congress affiliated groups who are in the lucrative middlemen business of farm produce. You throw a mix of Islamists who impersonate farmers, Khalistani supporters and usual suspects in the media who instigate, the picture will look complete. A sham, a designer protest to create unrest.

It’s the desperate cowards like Ram Guha, Pratap Bhanu Mehta and the likes who are firing it away from the shoulders of so called protesters.

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