Since 2014 opposition and so-called liberals have always raised an argument that BJP is dividing our nation just to win the elections…….the question arises did BJP really created a divide between the people of India? Let’s check.

As India is a democracy and people or groups of people can create their parties and stand in elections this freedom is what makes India the biggest democracy in the world and of course, the population is another factor in it.

Since independence, a lot of political parties have been created on the district, state, and national level on what basis? If we examine the basic fundamentals in the creation of these political parties we will find caste/religion one of them.

All of the parties create a divide in the society in one way or other and they never change their fundamental but in 2014 BJP came out of this very fundamental a little and started a campaign “Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas” which helped them to get in the center and they kept this motto in all the elections since 2014. But they also never left their Hindu identity and proudly stand with it.

This move of BJP has done the following:

1. United Hindus who were divided on the basis of caste/community by the other political parties in an amount, as they never asked to vote from any particular caste/community but in the name of being Hindu and Vikas.

2. Unmasked the political parties who just used to milk the people of India for votes by dividing them into castes and kept them deprived of basic necessities of health and education.

3. Blown the cover of radical Islamists and gave the Muslim people an alternative option to rise and stand against these Islamists who just used them for votes in the name of “umaha” and never allowed them to be a part of the progress of India.

In summary, I would say BJP didn’t divide the people of India but brought them together in the name of “Vikas”.

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