In the world of big data, one often gets intimidated by how to handle such large masses of information for a budding coder. Under such circumstances, a dedicated solution to the problem of handling databases and executing one’s queries is often required. And hence , SQL. SQL, which stands for Structured Query Language, is a programming language which is used for enabling programmers to deal with data. It is a language which allows for the communication with databases in order to manage all the data they contain. We can use it to enable storing, retrieving and manipulating data in databases. In light of these facts, let us take a look at why beginners ought to learn SQL in their programming journey.


  • Use in Web Development


Use of SQL in large-scale web applications with many functionalities that utilize several data storage, retrieval and manipulation operations, is mandatory in the current age, especially as the size and scale of the digital economy rises and continues to soar past any expectations. Multiple databases are used for different objectives as per different requirements and hence, a large-scale application may require considerable database expertise in order to create an application that is able to store sufficient information and manage the customer traffic and demand that is needed to sustain the application.  


  • Use in Mobile App Development


With the rise of mobile applications in the last decade or so, the storage of data has become a crucial part of the application development process and hence a crucial skill to learn and keep in mind considering that applications must be customized as per the user who is using it and ad revenue is often dependent on the user profiles that are stored and then harvested for data mining to be sold to advertising agencies. As a result, it is necessary to learn SQL in order to become a competent mobile application developer in order to monetize one’s apps in the digital marketplace.


  • Use in Data Science


With the rise of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Data Analysis and Data Engineering, the field of data science has exploded in recent years and has become one of the most in-demand industries in the current age. And thus, with the rise of this new science, the application of SQL has exploded in the current era and thus, knowledge of SQL has become crucial to participating and learning in the field of data science. Since SQL is necessary for the proper retrieval, manipulation and modification of large volumes of data, it becomes essential to learn it in order to properly perform any analysis or generate any insight as per the field of data science


Keeping in mind, these very important contributions and applications of SQL, it is thus,  extremely important to master this skill and leverage it to build great applications and produce insights that are monetizable and marketable in the emerging digital economy. 

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