Israel-Palestine conflict is not new to the world. It’s here for many decades. But this time escalation is huge and we may witness a full-fledge war in coming days.
A large section of people are supporting Hamas, a terrorist organization based at Gaza strip and few ones are with Israel. Before going further, you must know, it all started from Al-Aqsa mosque incident and later during the course of advancing nights, Hamas fired atleast 1500+ rockets towards Israel cities and consequently Israel retaliates and damaged many rocket launching sites, storage sites and killed dozens of terrorists.

A few questions that Hamas terrorists and their worldwide symptahiszers must tell the world:

1) Why all their manufacturing units , launching units, storage sites of Rockets are based in Civilian area ? If you’re fighting for your people, for their cause it’s your responsibility to save their lives at all cost. It’s your responsibility to provide a safe place. A enemy which is in this case Israel for you, won’t think twice before targeting tunnels, buildings etc. and cause materialistic and humanistic damage whatsoever may happen later on.

2) Israel has every rights to safegaurds its people at all cost. It’s Hamas who failed here. You can’t compare deaths of your people with Israel who is well developed, spend millions of dollars on R&D, intelligence or defense, make itself self-reliant and financial superpower. If you want to challenge a powerful opponent, then you must evolve. You can’t play victim card everytime.

3) Will Hamas even think twice, before launching a nuclear attack if they had it ?

4) Hamas should understand there is a huge difference between Radicalization and Nationalism. You can’t win a war by taking a shield of your own people. Pakistan also tried this technique against India and failed miserably.

5) Hamas is fighting tooth and nail to make a substantial damage to Israel but its either Hamas’s incompetency or Israel’s superiority that is what making a difference here.

6) Confronting children against Israelis soldiers can give you a temporary shield but you can’t succeed in long run by giving guns to a child instead of a book. Can you overcome it through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram ‘ narratives ? No you can’t. You yourself is responsible for your own misery.

7) lastly, if the situation reverse a bit, not even Hamas but also all arab worlds including Lebanon, Iran, Egypt, Jordan, or even Turkey would jump into it to decimate Israel.

In conclusion, Hamas is fighting to safeguards its religion beliefs but Israel is fighting for its existence. It’s civilians who suffer in the end.

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