A jihadi killed a Hindu girl in a BJP ruled state Hariyana in front of everybody. That jihadi is barely arrested in the name of justice. Hindus kept watching, and the so-called Jaats went into pin-drop silence who boast themselves for being brave every day—the same Jaats who have burnt the buses and trains a few months back for reservation demands. 

What if that girl has had a knife with her and attacked the jihadi back? What if Jaat Hindus would have retaliated immediately and would have taught jihadis a lesson for killing the Hindu girl? A few days later, some Hindu groups gather for peaceful protests against love jihad killings in Delhi, and they are brutally beaten and silenced by jihadists of the Delhi police. 

A so-called Urdu poet of Bollywood tells openly that he would have also beheaded the cartoonists if he would have been in France. A Durga Devi procession in Munger, Bihar is targeted, and Hindu devotees are killed brutally by the armed policemen. What if those devotees would have done the processions with the swords and knives with them? 

Love jihad, armed jihad, Jamin jihad, population jihad, Bollywood jihad, Media jihad, and many other types of jihads are going on even when RSS backed BJP is ruling the country. We can see BJP, RSS, the mere spectators when Hindu girls and Hindus are brutally targeted and killed by jihadists every second day.

Then what Hindus should do when the state can not enforce the law on jihadists and can not protect even the majority Hindus? Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hathras, Munger, Punjab, Rajasthan, tell me any place in the country where Hindus are not under attack of jihadists?

Therefore instead of expecting from Modi, RSS, BJP, and Yogi, Hindus must be ready with the arms and skills to resist the jihadi forces: 

  1. Hindus must stop believing in the contract of security that they have given the vote to BJP and RSS, a contract that now BJP, RSS will be everywhere to save Hindus when they would be under attack. 
  2. Hindus must learn to keep the Arms at home and with themselves that anytime they can resist any jihadi anywhere. 
  3. Read the Delhi riots preparation by the Mullahs and learn that Hindus must keep swords, guns, slingshots, stones, sticks, iron-rods, whatever weaponry of self-defense possible at home and with themselves.
  4. Yogi, Modi, BJP, RSS are bound under the laws, and jihadis do not believe in the law of the land. Therefore, to counter the jihadis, we must be ready with arms individually.
  5. Jihadis have slowly invaded even the institutions of the Indian state. Therefore, the Hindu authorities should also be ready to counter jihadi forces anywhere.
  6. Hindu Lalas, Politicians, and others must leave greed and should never compromise when Hindu ethos, rituals, cultures, etc. are under attack they feel. 
  7. Stay united and learn how to burn down the cinemas, movies, web series, and serials who mock the Hindu Gods and culture.
  8. We must now understand that we are under attack, and no government will come to save us at home as the governments and authorities are also well invaded by jihadi forces. 
  9. We must be ready to counter-attack the jihadists with full force in self-defense. 
  10. At a bare minimum, we can keep stones at our home roofs, and boys and girls under love jihad attacks must keep knives with themselves for self-defense.

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