How it is morally and factually wrong to Blame Brahmins for Discrimination?

As per the Leftist Narrative, all the Caste atrocities are blamed upon the Brahmin Community. Let’s dig into the history and observe the contribution of the Brahmins towards the annihilation of Caste and Discrimination. How most of the Seers, Sages and Acharyas who fought against the evil of Casteism rose from Brahmin community.

Jagatguru Shri Ramanujacharya

Jagatguru Shri Ramanujacharya, Born in a Brahmin Family. The Icon and Pratibimb of Human Equality. His legacy has completed one Millenia. Which will be celebrating as the festive of Unity, with his Statue being inaugrated as the Statue of Equality.

.Jagatguru opened the gates of Bhakti for all Castes. Defeated flawed interpretations with logic and reason. Fought against many evil which existed in his time.

Shri Vaishnav lineage, as established by Shri Ramanujacharya has produced Alwars from the So-Called Dalit community like Thiruppān Aḷvār. And many Alwars from Non-brahmin Communities like Thirumangai Aḷvār, Nammāḷvār and Kulaśekhara Alvār. Spreading the spirit of Bhakti to all Hindus without discrimination.

Sant Ramananda

Born in a Brahmin Family. Ramananda in his journey of spreading Knowledge. Adopted the practice of eating with his students, regardless of their caste, but the opposition of few fringe elements angered Ramananda. Without fearing the resistance or opposition, he continued his spiritual journey. Countering all the hurdles, he formed his Sampradaya, the Ramanandis.

Sant Dhyaneshwar

Sant Dyaneshwar a Deshastha Brahmin. Faced wrong ostracisation and discrimination himself due to flawed interpretations of Dharma. Rose to be one of the prominent Bhakti Saints. Imparted the Dharmic-Spiriritual knowledge to all. Irrespective of one’s Caste or Creed.


Vallabhacharya, a Telugu Brahmin The founder of Pushtimarg believed that a man’s class depended on his qualities, not birth. The very teaching of Vedas, Purushsukta, which describes Humans based on their qualities.

The caste is not hereditary. Vallabhacharya saw the evils of the system and wanted to reform it and preserve the ancient institution of the Varna system.

Sant Ekanath

Sant Eknath, a Dehastha Brahmin

Sant Eknath’s life became an example forthe contemporary society. It motivated many towards the spiritual fold. Teaching and serving all, Irrespective of anyone’s caste Especially among the So-Called Low Caste Mahars. He held the lower classes strongly inside Hinduim, during Hard times.

Jagatguru Basveshwara

Jagadguru Basaveshwara, Born in a Brahmin Family, established the Shaiva sect of Lingayat. Challenged the discriminative medieval rituals like Child Marriage, Bali Pratha, propogated education for women. Spread the word of Shiva Bhakti and equal opportunity for all. Thrived his logical approach of Dharma across a major portion of South India.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Established the Gaudiya Sect. He popularized the Bhakti Movement bringing the lower strata of soceity into the mainstream.

Denouncing the caste system and seggregation. Due to him, many were saved from the onslaught of Invaders He accepted devotees from all Castes. Opened the gates for everyone to practice rituals and rites of Hinduism. Which were then considered reserved to certain castes.

Ramakrishna Paramhansa

Ram Krishna Paramhans A Bengali Brahmin, spiritual Yogi, Guru of Swamy Vivekananda, considered everyone equal in front of God. Everytime opposed by fringe Casteist elements for his inclusive approach. He ignored and kept marching ahead with his spiritual goals. He considered being bothered about the opinion of others, the biggest form of weakness.

Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati

Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, Born in a Brahmin Family.

The first Igniter of Swarajya, Shuddhi and Bhashyakar of Vedas in modern times. Revived the Janeu, Ved Shiksha rights for all castes. Busted the myths of Castiesm, Discrimination in Hindu Scriptures with nothing but logics and reasoning.

Swamy Dayanand was one of the biggest proponents of Ritualistic rights for all rights in Modern times. Worked all his life towards imparting knowledge of divine Vedas to all. Along with promoting Shuddhi of Non-Hindus, to bring them back into Hinduism.

Ramana Maharshi

Born in a typical Iyer Brahmin Family. Ramana too like his predecessors believed in providing equal opportunities in rituals and practices to all. Irrespective of anyone’s Caste or Creed.

Vinayak Damodar Veer Savarkar

A Marathi Brahmin, Freedom Fighter, Prolific Writer, Popularised Political-Hindutva. The ideology of political unity among everyone who considered his Hindu ancestory. Believed in a Casteless Society, with many steps ahead. Even strongly worked towards Shuddhi-Ghar-Wapsi of Non-Hindus back into the Vedic Fold.

Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar

Founder of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh , a Scholar and an Activist. One of the very few who dared to oppose Castist forces and organise inclusive Sabhas during Independence struggles. Opposed by many fringe but stopped by none. An open proponent of a Casteless society and united Hindutva.

Madhavrao Sadashivrao Golvalkar

Second Cheif Of RSS, who later established Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Throughout his life, he brought together Sages, Seers and acharya from all Samparadayas to form the VHP. Shared the similar ideology of United Hindutva, irrespective of a Hindu’s Caste. VHP, RSS from its core ideology is strictly against any kind of Caste Identity and discrimination.

The Mutation of Vedic Guna Based Varnaashram Vyavastha Into Caste System is not a fault of one community alone. Kshatriya lacking governence skills, Greedy Vaishya, Lazy Shudra were equally responsible. One responsible member can save an entire family from destruction. Leftist narrative is all about targeting one Caste at a time, as per the divide and rule idea. Brahmin community during medieval times stayed the closest to scriptures. Hence they were ahead in knowing it’s real essence and came forward more for destroying Caste System.

The list is very short in compiling all the Hindu Saints and Sages who worked towards annihilating the social Evils. And, here we have not even included Great lineage sages from Non-Brahmin Communities. As the article is intended to answer the leftist Narrative and not boast any Caste in Particular.

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