Look at the state of affairs in Bharat. The arrest of SRK’s idiot son is news at the moment. And like always, liberals, the bigger idiots are busy painting the 23 year old Aryan Khan as a “child” and an innocent who got caught in a bad situation. And the bald guy who is seen in the photo with Khan jr. seems busy taking selfies with the arrested. Do we think justice will prevail in this case where LeLis including Bollywood actors like Sunil Shetty are visibly downplaying Khan Jr. being exposed in the drug raid?

Gutters of Bollywood

It is no doubt that Aryan has been partying it up with friends and using illegal drugs which we won’t bother naming here. Some also think that Aryan’s younger brother is actually his son whom SRK and Gauri adopted as their own to keep Aryan out of any undesired spotlight.

Afterall, what would the Ummah say?

Utilizing drugs is NOT part of Islam. Nor is supporting no-no’s such as alcohol and fornicating part of Islam. So how has SRK and his son not been put under the same scrutiny as the rest of the Muslim world? How is Aryan getting away with deviant behaviors as defined by Sharia?

A Muslim Star is born?

Some are making snide comments that this arrest is the biggest congratulations to Bollywood for producing yet another star from the gutter. Khan jr. will rule the screens as he is being launched as a celebrity and the looney liberals are providing the launching pad for the young Muslim who is also supporting his Afghan opium producing brothers by purchasing their products.

The drug bust launch party is something even the narcotics bureau and media seem to be afraid to touch and report on. Imagine the type of hold SRK and his Bollywood cronies have on freedom of press and institutions.

Soon Farah or some other Muslim and/or secular loon like Anurag would be ready to launch Khan jr. and white-wash the arrest and everything else negative associated with him.

Actual news

During the Mumbai-Goa cruise ship raid, the Narcotics Control Bureau busted an alleged rave party that was ongoing. The officers seized several substances: cocaine, mephedrone and ecstasy.

An FIR has been registered in the case and other than Khan jr., two others – Arbaaz Merchant and Munmun Dhamecha were remanded in custody as well. Five others have been arrested – Nupur Sarika, Ismeet Singh, Mohak Jaswal, Vikrant Chhoker and Gomit Chopra.


Image: India TV news

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