Have you thought about the following points?

  1. Why 1857 revolt is so glorified but not Sanyasi revolts?
  2. Why Rani Lakshmibai is so glorified but not Tara Rani?
  3. Why the Battles of Panipat are so glorified but not the Battle of Bhopal (1737)?

In the NCERT textbooks, written by Russian sponsored Jihadi leftists, tens of pages are dedicated glorifying the 1857 revolts, but half a page is dedicated explaining the Sanyasi revolts. Please refer here which explains the sanyasi revolt in details. The impact of the Sanyasi revolt was no less than 1857 revolt.

The history books glorify Rani Lakshmibai, but not Tara Rani. NCERT text books have completely erased the deeds of Tara Rani. Please refer here which explains the role played by Tara Rani in leading the Maratha empire in toughest of times (when both sons of Shivaji Maharaj had died and Maratha empire was leaderless). Had there been no Tara Rani, there would have been no Maratha empire.

In the Battle of Bhopal (1737), Maratha forces led by Bajirao Peshwa crushed the combined forces of Mughals and the Nizam and ensured that Mughal rule in India is all but over. Historically, Battle of Bhopal was as impactful as the Battles of Panipat.

I would make the below points.

The success of 1857 revolt would have revived the Mughal rule, where as success of Sanyasi revolt would have established a Hindu rule.

Why was Bahadur Shah Jaffar declared the “Emperor Of Hindustan”, the title which even Babur had not assumed?

After Delhi was captured in 1857 why did the Sepoys not establish a descendent of Gupta or Chola or Ahom dynasty as the ruler? Why it had to be a Mughal?

During the Mughal rule, the Mughals had amassed vast amount of wealth. not only that, all major and strategic industries, businesses (one such example is shipping) was taken over by Mughals. Though Mughals lost political power, their economic power remained intact. After 1857 revolt, the British slaughtered the Mughals and auctioned off their properties. Or else Indian economy would have been squarely in hands of Mughals even today.

Why is Rani LakshmiBai go glorified? She worked for Mughal cause. BUT Tara Rani harmed the Mughals in worst possible manner.

Her victory would have contributed to the re-establishment of the Mughal rule.  The left historians wanted to implicitly message that Hindu queens also supported the Mughal Rule there which will give more credibility to Mughals.

Where as Tara Rani’s actions contributed to the destruction of the Mughal rule and hence her name was erased off, though Tara Rani’s contribution to Indian history is much bigger than Rani LakshmiBai’s.

The Hindu forces were always defeated in all the 3 battles of Panipat. Where as the crucial Hindu victory in Battle of Bhopal (1737) resulted to the establishment to the Hindu Maratha rule in India.

Hence the Battle of Bhopal is erased from the text books.

In nutshell, All the incidents that helped the Mughal or Jihadi cause have been glorified where as those which helped the Hindu cause has been demeaned by the Russian sponsored leftist Jihadi historians.

It is time we rewrite our history completely.

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