Why Afghanistan and Pakistan (AfPak) important for India’s defence?

Any invader trying to enter India by land has to cross the treacherous terrain of AfPak before setting foot on Indian soil.

Lets look at history.

Shortly after the death of Prophet(PBUH) , the Umayyad Caliphate appeared in Arabia. It invaded India in 738 AD. The Umayyad armies were soundly defeated in the Battle of Rajasthan (738AD) by a coalition of Hindu kings which stopped them from expanding further in to India.

BUT, on hind sight, Umayyad caliphate did something very smart. They converted a big chunk of the population of AfPak who will support the invaders when they invade India another day.

And that plan worked out. How?

Afterwards all the crucial battles where the Islamic forces won, were fought in the North West India. Whether in Battle of Tarain (1192) or the Battles of Panipat, the invading forces got all support  (logistical, popular, moral and financial) support from people in AfPak region. For e.g. When Akbar’s father, Humayun was dethroned he sought refuge in Persia, and when he passed Herat (in Afganistan) he was given food, clothes and gold for the travel.

What will happen if AfPak do a gharwapsi?

  1. India can be invaded from land only from Northwest.
  2. Any invading force has to cross the mountains, valleys of AfPak region.
  3. If such forces don’t get any support here, they will fall back and cannot enter mainland India.

Since AfPak was Hindu, Alexander was stopped at Taxlia and could not progress to the sub-continent and fell back.

Hence, it is no surprise the left Jihadi forces always want AfPak to adhere to orthodox brands of Islam.

Hence, AfPak’s GHARWAPSI is extremely important for the long term survival of Hindu Civilization

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