While Taj Mahal is always portrayed as the symbol of love by left-leaning historians and unfortunately now it’s widely accepted as a symbol of love because as kids we went through History books written by left-leaning historians and propagandists in school and we believed that yea, taj mahal is a symbol of love but there is another very well-known structure in the Southern part of India which is still waiting for the importance it deserves and it’s none other than Ram Setu. Put Ram Setu aside for a moment, a few years back Congress and other left-leaning historians were asking for the proof of the existence of Shri Ram. The Left-leaning historians supported by the Congress Regime have always demeaned the Hindu culture. You can find never-ending chapters on the greatness of Mughals in history textbooks which are currently taught in schools to young minds but you will hardly find the relevant importance given to the Maratha Empire, The Ahom Dynasty, The Chola Dynasty, etc.

Taj Mahal which is believed to be constructed in memory of Mumtaz- Wife of Shahjahan – as many historians say was, in fact, a Hindu Temple named Tejo Mahalaya and it is widely believed that Taj Mahal was built on top of Tejo Mahalaya with some outside work based on mughal architecture and inside Taj Mahal lies a Hindu Temple waiting to be restored to its full glory.

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Mumtaz Mahal was actually the 2nd wife of Shah Jahan (some sources even say 4th), also the women in his Harem aren’t included here. Mumtaz died giving birth to her 14th child (Shah Jahan had 16 children), and Shah Jahan got married a few more times after that, true love?

Ram Setu was constructed to connect two countries Bharat and Sri Lanka, separated by sea. The bridge constructed by Lord Rama and his Vanara sena as mentioned in the epic Ramayana. He had to construct this bridge to reach Sri Lanka as his wife Mata Sita was kidnapped and was imprisoned there. The time of Ramayana ( 5000 BCE) and the carbon analysis of the bridge sync properly as per many findings.

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Imagine, a bridge was constructed between two countries separated by sea to save Mata Sita. Lord Ram defeated one of the mightiest demon, Ravan, to get her back. Shouldn’t it be given more importance than Taj Mahal?

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The Reason why Ram Setu is not known as the symbol of love because our so-called historians or marxist/leftist historians to be precise chose not to give Ram Setu and other Hindu architectural work their due importance and spoon-fed us with lies and deceit.

This clearly shows that their intention was to devoid India of her true culture by only projecting Islamic History as Indian History. If you read history books today, you will feel that these rulers from the Khilji dynasty, Lodhi dynasty, Tughlak dynasty, and Mughal Dynasties have been projected as Heroes, whereas they were actually villains who forcefully converted Hindus and killed them mercilessly on opposing something islamic.

The sad reality is that Hindu History is always treated as Mythology in the History books where it’s mentioned whereas Islamic history is considered to be the real history of India and has its part in every textbook one in India. I am not claiming that Mughals and Islamic rulers did not have their own part and to be honest that part is full of blood of Indians, but in the process of praising the Islamic rulers, the leftist historians totally dismissed all the great rulers and dynasties of India and the two most crucial events in Indian History, Ramayan and Mahabharat, as mere mythology.

Our truth is carved in stones and lies are written in history books

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