Cleaning up that has happened in Lutyens’ Delhi since BJP came to power. In the first year itself, more than 460 squatters were sent packing out of their cosy Lutyens’ bungalows in the first year. Many of them had been staying there for generations and had started considering it private property. Some approached the courts with appeals to let them keep their fiefdoms. But to no avail.

Ajit Singh, the son of former PM Charan Singh was squatting on a bungalow. He was locked out and his belongings thrown on the lawn.

Painter Jatin Das, the father of actor Nandita Das, was enjoying another bungalow in Lutyens. Evicted!

The Print why Narendra Modi does not have an army of intellectuals defending him, unlike the Nehru-Gandhi’s
The word intellectuals is a joke. Most are the lowest moral scums of society. Willing to sell anything for a gift in cash or kind.

By late 2016, the number of evictions had swelled to 1500……
There are only a handful of articles in the media documenting this cleanup mission in Lutyens’ Delhi. A lot of free loading journalists in love with congress gifts got kicked out too.

There is this absolute gem of a quote in The Telegraph from an unnamed Congress MP.

“The Congress had a long tradition of not implementing the rules so strongly.”

Amazing suggestion

Looks like Lutyens Delhi was a rent free district of people who were supporting the political party in exchange for rent free palatial bungalows .

In the Congress Raj, before a case went to the Supreme Court, everything was managed .. Which judge will go to the bench and what decision will the judge give…

This is the biggest secret of the success of 70 years of Congress, that it has managed all the media and judiciary and ruled it ..

Retired Judge of the Gujarat High Court, Justice MB Soni, revealed this when he found that any petition related to the Gujarat riots which is filed in the Teesta Supreme Court, why does it go to the bench of Justice Aftab Alam only, according to the roster Should go to someone else’s bench .. Then they investigated further and it was found that the registrar was ordered from above that Teesta’s case should be sent to the bench of Justice Aftab Alam and for this the muster roll and roster should be changed. Then he further investigated that it was learned that Justice Aftab Alam’s real daughter Arusa Alam is a partner in Teesta’s NGO Sabrang and also the wife of the then cabinet minister and senior advocate of Supreme Court Kapil Sibal.

He then sent a letter to the Chief Justice against this and detailed the 10 rulings of Justice Aftab Alam and Justice Abhilasha Kumari, daughter of Congress leader and Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, by elaborating in eight thousand pages.

Then, this gang was separated from every single case in Gujarat

If Justice MB Soni was not there, then the Congress government had done its entire planning to implicate Narendra Modi

Have you ever heard Rahul Gandhi, Lalu Yadav, Sitaram Yechury, Mayawati, Akhilesh, Mamta, Mehbooba, and opposition leaders calling each other thieves?

No !!!

While some of them have been convicted, some are in jail, some are on bail and some are facing trial in court but they do not call each other a thief!

But Modi who has no official charge, no FIR, no trial is going on, no court has even ordered any investigation, all these leaders are calling him a thief!

Blessed Understanding and a sense of responsibility towards the country. It is a shame on such traitors.


How will you turn your eyes away from this truth, think about the future of your future children ….Read carefully

When a Bangladeshi Muslim reaches India and wanders somewhere in the Ambala district, he has neither money nor public knowledge.

He somehow reaches the nearest mosque and gets 100% refuge there, being a Muslim.

Every district has a royal mosque to which every mosque in the city is attached.

He is then sent to the royal mosque of the Bangladeshi Ambala district, where he secretly finds refuge.

The royal mosque of every district remains attached to Jama Masjid in Delhi.

Jama Masjid of Delhi has responsibility for Islamization of North India. It has a record of every Lok Sabha constituency of North India and the Muslim population living in it – 100% true record.

Now that Bangladeshi reaches Delhi and takes refuge in Jama Masjid. Jama Masjid checks which Lok Sabha constituency of North India has less Muslim population. Suppose there is less Muslim population in Jhansi of Uttar Pradesh.

Now lets start the real game .. !!

Jama Masjid sends that Bangladeshi to the royal mosque of Jhansi district. The Imam of the royal mosque of Jhansi, with the help of the Waqf Board, arranges for the stay of that Bangladeshi and also manages his employment.

He gets Indian passports with the help of Bangladeshi local Muslim and corrupt Hindu leaders and officers.

Corrupt governments like Samajwadi Party give land to the Waqf Board in lieu of votes, corrupt municipal officials make berth certificates by taking bribe.

Police and Intelligence Department officials take passport file for bribe without any further verification, and get other important documents ready, such as Aadhaar card.

That is, a Bangladeshi who was wandering in Ambala city a few days ago without any money and identity, has become an Indian citizen living in Jhansi district.

This is the story of a Bangladeshi… A large number of Bangladeshis and Pakistani tribal Banjaras come to the country every day and become Indian citizens with the help of Waqf Board.

The religious equation of many districts of India, especially Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and West Bengal has completely changed. Hindus may be a minority in these districts in the 2021-22 census.

Read and understand yourself and explain to your Hindu brothers to understand the real reason why the present Indian Government is being uncooperative in the interests of the country.

10 lakh poor have disappeared in Maharashtra by providing new Aadhaar link!

Poor people holding many lakh fake BPL cards in Uttarakhand have ended!

More than 30 million (30000000) fake LPG connection holders are over!

1,95,000 fake children who got stipend from madrasas disappeared!

Over 1.5 crore (15000000) fake ration card holders disappeared!

Why and where they are disappearing!

The whole black blog of Choro is about to open… That is why all the thieves together petitioned the Hon’ble Supreme Court that the Aadhaar link is a violation of our fundamental rights! What right of privacy to thieves!

1) Company MD: Modi has closed more than 3 lakh fake companies!

2) The amount dealers were annoyed!

3) Property Dealer annoyed!

4) Brokers are annoyed with the online system!

5) More than 20,000 fake NGOs are closed – mostly doing child/women trafficking, drugs, conversion & other illegal activities such as missionaries. So the owners of these NGOs are also angry!

6) People purchasing property with No 2 income got annoyed!

7) Some contractors were also annoyed by being an E-Tender!

8) The gas company got annoyed!

9) So far, 12 crore people who have come under the purview of Income Tax are angry!

10) Due to the implementation of GST system, many people got annoyed, because they have come to the automatic system!

11) People who are doing the work of 2 numbers have stopped blooming!

12) The system of white to black has become completely corrupted.

13) Lazy government officials get angry because they have to work on time!

14) Those people who did not work in time got angry and believed in working by giving bribe.

15) A JNU student who breaks a free bread for 7 years for a room of Rs 10 and a meal for Rs 300 a month is also upset with Modi.

Grief is bound to happen, the story of country change is being written, which is being understood, which is not changing, they are cradling the chest by saying #Mind_Gulaam of the brainless Yuvraj, calling us blind devotees

अगर If something is to be done “for the country”, this message is to be sent to all your contacts. That’s all

“Bharath Mata Ki Jai”

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