Age is just a number. You might have heard this numerous times, but have you heard of someone who is 73, yet he is more advanced, tech-savvy and upgraded and updated than the youth of 27.

He is Mr Vijay Maroo. He is redefining the dimension of life, ageing and happiness. He is living life to the fullest and making people learn the art of living. Growing old is a natural phenomenon, and nobody can do anything about it. Still, the way he has utilized this ageing and welcomed the changing colours of hair is phenomenal and makes him an unsung hero of our social circles.

An Educationalist: – Vijay Maroo sir is a dedicated educationalist. A Mechanical engineer (BIT, Ranchi) of that era when people find it too hard to clear the matriculation exam on the first attempt. His passion for following unique concepts like Ekal Vidyalaya is something that makes him a true educationalist in a definite sense. His attachment with the biggest non-governmental educational agency, VidyaBharti, makes him a favourite to most teaching fraternity and students of the nation. 

A Career Guide: – You ask him the preferred career options, and he will guide you to Blockchains, the Internet of Things and Data Science. He makes people understand in the simplest of ways the benefits of blockchain and the gap between the demand and supply in the segment. He talks about technology and literature.

A Philanthropist: – Vijay Maroo Sir is 73. He is still trying to make a change in society with his modern outlook. He makes people learn to unlearn and smile, fall in love with nature and stick to the basics of life. He is one of the major force behind the success of Ekal Vidyalaya. He is trying to reshape society by securing its traditional moral and cultural values by adapting to the changing need of the hour like Artificial Intelligence and IoT. 

Tech Savvy Digipreneur: You may find it hard to believe that Vijay Sir is running 2 websites of his own, as mentioned below. He makes people aware of the Google Adsense account and digital marketing. He is making things happen that one may find it hard to believe.

  1. :- This website shows only Positive News. Positivity impacts people and helps to rejuvenate the mind, heart and soul. Based on this, Shri Vijay sir runs this website to spread positivity in social circles.
  2. – Vijay sir believes that old age is a social issue which needs to be addressed by us. The government can only draft policies and welfare schemes, but loneliness and adamant nature are pervasive in this age. As a solution to this issue, he is creating awareness about the advantages of being old. This website is all about how one can join the movement and make the world a better place to live, using his experience and skill set. This is a step one should appreciate and applaud. 

His zeal, enthusiasm and charisma make you feel great about life, education and social structure. Without complaining about negativities, a single individual may bring up a change. A change of Positivity, Help and bringing people together is what he is attempting. 

Let us wish him luck and success. Kudos to you, Vijay Sir. 

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