Child sex abuse and paedophilia or Bacha Baazi is a common practice in Afghanistan and Pakistan. In fact homosexual pederasty was common in Islamic culture during the 15th century in South Asia.

As per an article in PGurus, In Tuzuk -i-Baburi or the Baburnama, Babur in his own words had written about Sultan Mahmud Mirza, uncle of Babur that he took beautiful boys of his noblemen and admitted them to his “boys harem”. He surrounded himself with scores of boys. This was a common practice throughout his kingdom with noblemen indulging in such homosexual pederasty.

According to Defenceforum India, Muslim men who sodomise young boys are not considered homosexuals or paedophiles in Islam. In Afghanistan and even in Pakistan, rich men buy boys as young as 11 years old from impoverished families for sexual slavery. The boys are dressed in women’s clothes and made to dance and sing at parties before being carted away by men for sex.

Also, Islamic Paradise or “Jannat” promises 72 virgins and 28 young pre-pubescent boys for men.

In this context let us examine an explosive tweet thread put up by a Resident Anaesthesiologist, named Umair Arshad based in Peshawar, Pakistan exposing the rampant child sex abuse in madrasas, which works in a cyclical fashion wherein young boys are sexually abused by their teachers and when they grow up they in turn sexually abuse young children on their part. Not just that, these men pursue sexual abuse of young children even when they are aware that they are afflicted with AIDS, thereby wantonly spreading the disease to several unsuspecting victims under their care.


Umair Arshad in a thread post on twitter narrated an incident when a senior doctor approached him and showed him a video of a young madrasa student about 16-18 years was to undergo a surgery but they found during a routine pre-operation preparatory screening test that he suffered from HIV AIDS.

The senior doctor told him that he tried to speak to the boy about the disease and how he should avoid sexual intercourse as he would end up infecting many more people with the deadly disease. The boy, a classic student from madrasa, with sparse chin beard, wearing a white skullcap and salwar kameez just would not listen to the serious advise given to him by the doctor to not further endanger the society.

The senior doctor tried to impress on the young boy that he should abstain from sexual intercourse and masturbate to satisfy his urges rather than spoil someone else’s life. He then went on to prod the boy for his own history and the source of his HIV infection.

The boy admitted to the senior doctor that he had been raped throughout his entire childhood by his senior maulanas and madrasa teachers. The tone and tenor of his disclosure was so casual as if child sex abuse was a normal affair. He also told the senior doctor that he too has raped many children in local mosques.

He casually said he has raped children in local mosques recently, while being HIV positive. He told the senior doctor that child sex abuse is a routine in the mosques and madrasas and was in fact surprised by the doctor’s utter shock and anger over his disclosure. The doctor again tried to impress on the young boy to never indulge in sexual intercourse again, the boy did not take the advise seriously and shrugged smilingly. He looked as though he wanted to get away from the doctor’s nagging advise and wanted to be left alone.

Umair Ahshad then went on to write that he does not know what happened of the boy later and felt that the boy must have gone home, laughed it off and planned for his next sexual assault on a child. As child sex abuse is normal for him as he was himself a victim of it throughout his childhood, he is perhaps taking it out on the next generation of children.

Umair Arshad then vented out his helplessness and frustration as the authorities and Muslim society in Pakistan is in denial mode and abuse those who expose the dangerous dark under belly of the society specially associated with religious organisations. He even stated that those who consider such irresponsible and criminal behaviour as a norm will simply scoff and ignore. He also exhorted that the society was rotten and imploding from inside.

In India too many madrasas have such devilish religious teachers who prey on young children and sexually assault them, they get away as the children studying in these seminaries hail from poor economic and social backgrounds.

The media in India while being over enthusiastic to paint Hindu institutions as centres of sexual abuse, many a times even manufacture cases, try to brush under the carpet the popular concept of sanctioned child sex abuse and homosexual pederasty in Islam which is found in several madrasas. What is more shocking is when children and young adults are raised in this environment, they not only perpetrate the same crimes they have been subjected to but also do it with vengeance, knowing fully well that are also afflicted with HIV AIDS and would end up endangering other person’s life.

With love jihad becoming a pandemic in India, it would not be surprising if radicalised Muslims infected with HIV AIDS pursue by design Hindu young women and girls to infect them with AIDS for a skewed sense of jihad against Hindus. We already have a lot of cases of spit jihad where many people have been caught spitting while making Tandoori rotis or any cuisines as cooks working in restaurants and dhabas to spread the Coronavirus pandemic.

The authorities should carefully inspect madrasas run by Islamist extremists for any child sexual abuse and regularly run HIV AIDS test to keep them from trying to unleash AIDS Jihad.


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