The global Christian missionary mafia uses all kinds of trickery to convert vulnerable sections of Sanatan Hindu community to Christianity with the aid of their local arms in India.

They operate slyly under the guise of providing social service like helping people living in arid zones to get drinking water, providing vocational training to poor tribal, Dalit women and even bribe them by giving out jobs in return for converting to Christianity. The converts are also asked to give away some children and young adults to the missionaries to be trained to become pastors for effectively converting more people from their community to Christianity.

The Legal Rights Observatory, an NGO which relentlessly tracks such fraudulent Christian evangelist organisations, has now reported about the Ministry Of Compassion India, which illegally used 2.34 crores of foreign funds for converting Banjara (tribal or nomadic) community of Rajasthan in Jaipur by using ‘Project Hope’ as a vehicle of evangelism.

‘Project Hope’ was used by the nefarious couple Rakesh Joseph and Sonali Joseph to proselytize rag picking children and children of marginalised sections of society in slums to embrace Christianity. The LRO complained to the Ministry of Home Affairs against such illegal activities of misusing foreign funds under the guise of social service to fraudulently convert people to Christianity.

The modus operandi adopted is through projects like providing ‘clean water’ to the poor in semi urban / rural areas or targeting young school going children through projects like ‘the little school that could’ or the ‘open door clinic’ to bring ‘Good News’ to the afflicted where one Dr. S.P. Singh and nurse Sunita Devi aides and abets conversions.

Additionally, projects like conducting ‘vocational workshops’, giving out ‘food program’ to trick the poor to believe the love of Jesus. Their project, ‘to the orphans’ target proselytization of orphans and fraudulent ‘miracle healing’ programs to make the vulnerable innocent people to believe in Jesus for healing their medical ailments.

Thus, this nefarious Ministry of Compassion India under the chief functionaries, Rakesh and Sonali Joseph misuse social work as an inducement for illegal religious conversions by violating the FCRA rules. The LRO has therefore, rightly complained to the Home Ministry to take immediate action so that this evangelical organisation is not able to garner more funds from international sources for converting vulnerable sections of Hindu community to Christianity by fraud and allurement.



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