An evergreen suggestion to all budding youngsters who are interested in learning coding is to explore the Java programming language. And with good reason, Java is one of the top 3 most used languages in the world. As per the TIOBE Index, Java today is the third most popular programming language in the world after Python and C. Its flexible, lucid and long legacy as a programming language with a wide domain of applications stands as proof of its long-standing viability to all beginners interested in coding. Let us delve deeper into the world of Java and the reasons as to why it is one of the top programming languages today.


  • Platform Independence

Java is a platform-independent language which means that it can be used for the development of different kinds of applications that can be run on all kinds of servers and operating systems. The famous slogan – “Write Once, Run Everywhere” springs to mind when describing this extremely important feature of Java.

  • Object Oriented

Java is an object-oriented programming language which means that it creates and manipulates objects that contain both data and methods. This ensures greater speed, clear structure and ease of execution to Java Developers. It also exemplifies the principle – “Don’t Repeat Yourself” (DRY) in its philosophy which is the hallmark of Java code.

  • Application in the Field of Big Data

With the emergence of data science and big data in the Internet Age, Java has again proven its worth in this field by being a top choice for numerous technologies in this domain like Spark and Hadoop. Some other prominent technologies are Apache HBase, Apache Accumulo and ElasticSearch.

  • Android

Despite the rise of Kotlin, Java still retains a premier place as the programming language that is widely used in the field of Android Application Development. Since the vast majority of mobile applications run on the Android Operating System, Java’s place in the world of Android Mobile Application Development is assured.


  • Server-Side Web Development

Java is very popular in the world of server-side development of web applications. Frameworks like Spring Framework, SpringBoot, Servlets, Structs, JSP etc. have been greatly used in the creation of enterprise web applications. They can also be combined with new-era JavaScript frontend frameworks like React, Angular and Vue to create a full-stack enterprise web application.


Keeping in mind these points, Java today remains one of the most robust and powerful languages for beginner and mature developers out there today. Its wide application, large ecosystem and improved features make it an attractive choice for all developers in the current day and age.

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