Ajeet Bharti, @NijiSachiv is a writer, journalist and a fearless media personality who is known to give hope to millions of Indians whose voices are never heard in the ‘system.’  Is Arnab 2.0 happening with Ajeet Bharti? Why are reporters and journalists being hounded in a supposedly free democracy such as Bharat?  What are the reasons behind the sinister forces which are determined to undermine the Indian democratic system?

The Straw that broke the Supreme Court’s back

It is no secret that the Indian judiciary has often been the butt of jokes around the world.  There is no such thing as precedent as different rulings are delivered for different people.  Recently there was a case in Bharat which went underreported by the mainstream media and only a handful of channels or crusaders bothered to highlight the plight of the ordinary Indian citizen.  Bharti highlighted this terrible issue on one of his programs and criticized the whimsical behaviors of the Court.
A woman had accused Atal Rai, a former Member of Parliament (MP) from the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) of raping her at his home in the city of Varanasi.  She had gone to visit Rai as she was contesting student union elections in 2018 as he was supposed to provide financial help.  She filed an FIR for assault-rape and alleged that Rai had also filmed the assault and threatened to circulate the video clip(s) on social media. 

The police had registered her complaint against Rai in May of 2019.  MP Rai had denied the accusation but was arrested a month after the complaint and has been in jail for two years.  The MP’s minions seemed to have colluded with the judiciary and the police and allegedly continued to harass her.  The 24-year old woman and her male friend traveled from the state of Uttar Pradesh to Delhi in order to highlight the bias, harassment and the blatant lack of justice in her case.  The woman and her friend did a Facebook live video on August 16th, 2021 in front of the Supreme Court right before dousing themselves with gasoline and setting themselves on fire to let the world understand what type of demons and corruption nexus they are up against. 

Both the rape victim and her male friend succumbed to injuries by self-immolation and are now dead.  

Legislating from the bench

Ajeet Bharti reported this story in one of his August broadcasts and called out the inept and inconsistent attitude of the Indian Supreme Court in imparting justice. 

Watch video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBD_JARXRbE

Bharti also mentioned aspects of judicial activism by the Court and hinted at audits; money trails, properties, etc., of those who are supposedly appointed to protect India but are engaged in everything opposite.  The Supreme Court is shamefully known for a backlog of cases which span generations though seems to find time for anti-nationals and bail-granting for terrorists within minutes.  Bharti’s video(s) call out the double-standards and hypocrisy which is obvious and known to all. 

The video calls out not only the third pillar of democracy – the Judiciary but the fourth and fifth pillars as well – the bureaucracy and the media being coopted.  The Legislative branch doesn’t get a clean chit either – as being obvious from the above example and many such other instances where criminality in politics is rampant.  Bharti has been rightfully vocal about the anti-Hindu Bengal violence, anti-CAA protests and also over 30 million (?) pending cases in the courts.

Now, an Attorney General to the Indian Government has granted consent to initiate criminal proceedings against Bharti for contempt of court.  The Court and the Attorney General seems to have no consideration for understanding the definition of dissent within the democratic framework.  Bharti recently gave a fiery speech at the Global Hindu Conference on the Red-White-Green axis against Hindus where he highlighted the still prevalent colonial-Christian, Islamist and Communist agendas working against the idea of Bharat.  The speech had over 50,000 views in a few of hours. Bharti is popular and has blind bhakt followers as he is young, fearless and speaks the truth. He is a symbol of hope and has a bright future himself in his career. It is no wonder that the Supreme Court – which should be paying attention to actual problems is busy wasting their time and Bharti’s time with frivolous crap.

Bharti – now more famous than ever, thanks to the Court!

The proceedings against Bharti have been given a green light for his “Scurrilous” and “Derogatory” remarks against the Supreme Court.  However, the same court has allowed idiots like Swara Bhasker for anti-national commenting on the Ayodhya verdict and termites such as Prashant Bhusan have made remarks against the CJI only to get off by paying a joke of a fine. Bharti’s words might not have been not politically correct, but they were only highlighting the Supreme Court’s politically incorrect behavior and anti-Hindu biases. 

Bharti has successfully shown behind the cloak dirty politics of the Supreme Court and the Court has indeed helped his cause by giving extra attention and publicity to Bharti. The Court now finds itself between a rock, a hard place and a sewer. On the other hand, millions have come out in support #IStandwithAjeetBharti. 

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