There are rumors that Putin is the richest person on earth and hence the most corrupt dictator. 

When Putin invaded Ukraine he anticipated a quick victory. He must have had the below thoughts in mind.

  1. NATO is divided: After the invasion, exactly the opposite happened, NATO got united. Today NATO unity is at unprecedented levels.
  2. Ukrainian army will melt away: The Ukrainian army has put a fierce resistance and has completely stopped Russian invasion, killed thousands of Russian soldiers and destroyed huge amounts of military hardware.
  3. Zelenskyy will flee just like the Afghan President: Even after a month of war, Zelenskyy is in the very capital city of Ukraine. With arms inflows from multiple countries, Zelenskyy is holding firm.
  4. World would get impressed by Putin’s macho image: All corrupt dictators put up a macho image to stay in power and loot, whether it was Gadhafi or Saddam Hussain or even our own Indira Gandhi. But, with Zelenskyy holding firm, that image has taken a beating.
  5. World would impose some mild sanctions: just the opposite has happened. Nearly 400+ companies have left Russia, Russian banks are out of SWIFT, Its forex reserves are frozen, Germany has cancelled the proposed gas pipeline, many corrupt Russian Oligarchs (who have grown due to being close to being close to Putin) have been sanctioned.

With all the above after-effects what will happen?

  1. Russian economy will go bust.
  2. Putin has amassed a huge amount of wealth. The war will force Putin to spend his own wealth just as he is doing in Syria.
  3. Dissatisfaction of Russians will grow.
  4. With more money being drained and Russians themselves getting dissatisfied, Putin will lose power.
  5.  After the Oil deals with Iran and Venezuela, Oil prices will fall drastically and that will fully destroy Putin.

With destruction of Putin, we can hope Russia become a democratic, non-corrupt republic free from Putin’s Oligarchs.

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