Cow is considered auspicious and sacred animal in Hindu Dharma. It is worshipped on various occasions especially first day of Diwali called as “Vasubaras”.
Our ancestors/sages realised the importance of Cow on spiritual level, on maintaining environmental health, human health and commercial benefits…
Lord Krishna, is often depicted playing his flute amongst cows and dancing Gopis (milkmaids). He grew up as a cow herder. Krishna also goes by the names Govinda and Gopala, which literally mean “friend and protector of cows.”
Environment has to be nurtured with balanced material growth to conserve nature for the benefit of humanity. Cow plays a big role in nurturing the environment, at the same time helping society at large. See these examples,10 grams of ghee in Homa (consecrated fire) generates 1 ton of oxygen. Cow inhales oxygen and exhales oxygen as well. Recent studies by western scientists claim that cuddling cows on a daily basis helps to reduce/overcome mental diseases such as depression, anxiety, stress, It even helps in regulating blood pressure and controlling hypertension.
Medicines made up of Cow urine are used to treat various diseases especially chronic ailments hence USA and many foreign companies have taken seven patents of it.
However, many Indians laugh at it and disrespect it. The same people use medicines made up of cow urine when it is made by foreign companies or western world. Are we ashamed of our own culture, knowledge??
Benefits of Cow milk and ghee:
• It is believed, Cow Ghee helps in the growth and development of Children’s brain
• Improves eye vision
• Boosts up the immune system
• Healthy heart
• Regular consumption increases good (HDL) cholesterol (and not bad LDL cholesterol)
• Helps in improving digestion and absorption of fat soluble vitamins
• An all round anti-ageing vegetarian food & external applicant on the skin
• It helps in making teeth and bones strong
• Prevention from Diabetes
• Complete protein helps in growth and development of the human body

Benefits of cow dung and urine:
• Organic fertilizers- For soil nourishment
• Serves as Pesticides,Fungicides,Insecticides, best option for chemicals used which actually subvert soil, crop and human health.
• Protects from radioactive radiation
• Biogas- Fuel for cooking and to produce electricity
• Anti-bacterial property- Used to protect walls and floors of houses in the villages.

Killing cows for food or just to show Hinduism in bad light is the worst thing we are doing to humanity and environment.
Let’s protect and take utmost care of cows for humanity and to nurture environment.

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