Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again emerged as the most popular leader of the world. He has left behind all the leaders of the world including US President Joe Biden. Even before this, PM Modi has been elected the most popular leader of the world.

According to a survey by American data intelligence firm ‘The Morning Consult’, the approval rating of PM Modi is 75%. For the last two years, he has remained at the top of this rating. In this list, US President Joe Biden has a rating of just 41% and he is at number 11 in the world ranking. Biden was at number six last time.

In this survey conducted from August 17 to 23, the President of Mexico is Avotadres Manuel López Obrador at number two. They have been given by 63% of the people. At number three is the Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanes. Albanes has got 58%.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has remained at the top of this list for the last two years. In the last survey conducted between January 13 and 19 this year, he had an approval rating of 71% and topped among world leaders. Earlier in the survey conducted in September 2021, PM Modi was also elected as the most popular leader. His popularity rating was 84% ​​in May 2020.

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