When you search for ‘Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati’ on the internet (google or even duckduckgo), all you get in the results are the articles from the pro-jihadi, anti-Hindu filthy narrative factories of the left cabal fake-news portals like the wire, the print, the quint introducing you to the Yati as a hardcore Hindutva person spreading Islamophobia across the nation. It is so unfortunate that the internet space is hijacked by the powerful Jihadi-Communist lobbies who set the narrative, and the righteous ones are miles behind and far from catching up yet. This is a small attempt to get into the search results, so do share it widely as much as possible.

Read the true story of the conspiracies with a Hindu daughter that forced the engineer Deepak Tyagi to become Swami Yati Narasimhanand Saraswati from his own words!

I am the Yati (pontiff) Narasimhanand Saraswati of Dasna Devi Temple. Today I want to tell you the story that made me a Hindu. The stories of people like me are never complete because life is very cruel to us. I have a lot of desire to write some books but maybe it will never happen because the Muslims of our region have made our life here into a hell, which seems like will continue so until death. I thank the social media which has given me a platform to express my words and I can convey my pain to you. Today I want to tell the incident of life that changed my life. It is a painful and true story of a girl who later committed suicide.

This incident had such a profound effect on my life that it changed everything about me – to be honest, it has changed me. It was in 1997, when I came back to my country to complete the education of Deepak Tyagi (name before my sannyasi life) from abroad “Moscow” from Institute of Chemical Engineering “MTech” Mtech. I wanted to do something big and for this I felt that I should do politics. I was born in an upper middle class peasant family and my Baba Ji was a Congress official in Bulandshahr district before independence and was one of the very few who did not take pension as a freedom fighter after independence. My father was the central government. I was a national level leader of the employees union of the union. I was born in a Tyagi family, I loved the politics of muscle power and some of my acquaintances had made me the District Head of the Youth Brigade of the Samajwadi Party. Like in politics everyone does, I also formed a group of people from my community and organized some Tyagi conferences. Many Tyagis joined me and I came to be recognized as a young leader. Baba ji Congressman, father union leader and leader of Samajwadi Party itself means that I had nothing to do with any idea of ​​Hindutva. As it was, the entire youth lived abroad and studied religious things only because of superstition and hypocrisy. Many Muslims were my friends due to living in Meerut, because of studying abroad and because of their social and political background.

One day I suddenly met one of the founding members of the BJP, Bhishma Pitamah of Delhi BJP, Mr. Baikunth Lal Sharma “Prem” Ji, who resigned from the membership of Parliament and started the work of awakening Hindutva. Told such stories that my mind wandered but I could not believe it. Then an incident happened to me. My own office was in front of Shambhu Dayal Degree College in Ghaziabad. My fraternity mean girl from Tyagi family came to me and she told me that she had some work for me. When I asked her for work, she said she I will tell you in private. I asked the people sitting with me to go out. When all went away, suddenly that child started crying and she kept crying for about half an hour. I tried to give her water, she did not even drink water and got up. She left from there. I was very surprised. I had not seen any unknown woman crying like this. The face of that girl was very innocent and I felt that very much. I felt a divine connection with her. She left but stayed in my mind. After a few days I almost forgot that she suddenly came again and she told me that she wants to talk to me. I then sent my colleagues out and asked her to talk. Tried to tell the matter, but she started crying again and her cry was so bitter that even an executioner like me got tears in my eyes, I asked for water and asked for tea.

Slowly she regained balance and she told me that a year ago she had befriended a Muslim girl of her class who befriended a Muslim boy. They had taken some pictures of her together and was blackmailed to sleep with that Muslim boy. Gradually the blackmailing continued and it involved bringing her female friend to repeat this fraud one after the other to please all the Muslim boys from all over the college. Now the situation was such that they used to use it to please college professors, officials, politicians and city goons and as such she was not the only girl. Rather, fifty girls like her were trapped in the clutches of those people. The most important thing in this was what she told me that all the Muslim boys were promoted by Muslim girls, and many Hindu boys were with them in their greed – finally resulting in all Hindu girls becoming victims. I was very shocked to hear these things.

I asked her why are you telling me this thing, so I can never forget what she said to me. She told me that I was always surrounded by those Muslims!

On the one hand I talk about the upliftment of the Tyagis and on the other side I live with such people who are ruining their sister daughters in this way. There are people like me responsible for the waste, I found it very bad. I said that I do not know about these things, then he said that this cannot happen. These Muslims send girls to someone, feed meat to someone. And give money to someone, I too must have got something. Her agony and tears moved me to the core. She told me that one day I will also have a daughter and she will have to go to college and even then the eyes of Muslim wolves on my daughter will be. I said what is the matter of Hindu Muslim in this, then she said that this too is jihad. I heard the word Jihad for the first time that day. The girl had understood them very well while living with Muslim girls. She told me the meaning of Jihad. I took the hand of that girl in her hand and said very hard to be so unjust It is not necessary to have a daughter, but it has happened to my daughter, after all you are also my daughter. The girl cried very loudly after hearing this and slowly left from there. She left, I sat down.

I felt dead from inside but I was still alive. The fierce struggle of the mind gave birth to a lot of new feelings. My life had changed. I found out about this whole case. That baby girl. One thing was true. I remembered Prem ji’s words and I studied the books and history of Islam and understood one thing. The more I read, the more I felt the pain of that girl. I decided to fight and decided to fight myself. Then I came to know that the girl died. She may have died and her parents may have forgotten her. But she is still alive for me. She is still seen in my dreams. I feel her pain, her tears even today. The daughter of a Hindu will not be safe in college, echoes in my ears. I paid homage to her in the same way as a father and a brother should pay. I did what a father and a brother should do. Whatever I am today because of my daughter who I did not give birth to, but who actually gave birth to me. I never tell this thing to anyone, but today it has become necessary to tell everyone.

Today, every Hindu’s daughter has walked on the same path of ruin and no father, no brother is able to save her today. We all want to know that the same will happen to all of our daughters, but still our conscience is not awake. Today I see that such incidents happen in our country every day and no matter to anyone. Even those who do this with their daughters and sisters, it does not matter to me, but I know and I know that I I did something very well. I have no regrets about anything. Whatever I could do, I did and whatever I can, I will do as long as I am alive. Sadly, it is enough that I could not win this battle.

I could not save my sisters, my daughters from the claws of Islamic Jihad. It is just a matter of grief that I could not give my daughters a safe country. It is also sad that the traitors ruined the entire race and we could not even save that. That girl was able to cry, I could not even cry. Today, the story of the ruins of thousands of Hindu daughters is buried in my chest, I wish a Hindu would have dared to see my wounds. I wish that this coward and sleeping Hindu community would wake up once and I would rip open my chest out with my bare hands for them to fight this war. The prince of this community once said that sisters and sisters would not allow daughters to fall prey to wolves. I wish this community would protect our daughters by not relying on any government or police administration.

I wish …………………………… .. there is a lot of pain, suffering and the treatment is not showing any progress… It is my request to Devi Maa to call me as soon as possible so that I do not have to see the plight of my sisters, my daughters any more. !!

My dear Hindu lions, if you feel the truth in this real incident, make it reach every Hindu in the world .. !! It is possible and there is a hope that you all Hindus unite and the innocent daughters of our community will be saved .. !!

Yati Narasimhanand Saraswati

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