When you demolish a temple, you demolish a civilization. It is a practiced and documented method of erasing and destroying institutions of Hindu faith.

Unpalatable to the imagination of a passive and placid mind, but there is centuries of documented conspiracy of such distasteful hate.  Recently Hindu temples were demolished in Pakistan then in Bangladesh and then in Delhi (India) and in Coimbatore (India). Has it really stirred the conscience to the sleeping Hindu Society? I doubt it.

Political institutions are silent. Cultural organizations are sold for dollars. The Judiciary is disinterested. Religious leaders are in self- glory.  Scholars are in self-denial. Ordinary masses are confused, anxious and aggrieved.   

There is a pattern to it. Worldwide invading societies had adopted this practice. Look into history, when Christian missionaries invaded Africa and Latin America, they demolished every symbol of belief, practice of offerings. It was so brutal and savage, that historians better thought to conceal it from public knowledge. No less were the atrocities inflicted by Missionaries upon the European whom they branded as Pagan. Much later Arabic cult competed and excelled in every aspect of brutality and violence. For centuries political history had a practice of destroying symbols of faith worldwide. Crusade between Christians and Muslim believers were perhaps the most vicious and destructive memory. Slavery of African people followed after their original faith were destroyed.

Look into India, almost all of the temples in north India were destroyed systematically by invaders. Imagine the scale of conspiracy which targeted all precious monuments including Ajodhya, Kashi, Mathura, Karnawati, Indraprastha etc etc. Golden Temple, the most sacred place for Sikh believers, was defiled on a number of occasions by invading Afghani. Deep in the south, Malik Kafur, an eunuch and Hindu convert demolished Shri Balajee Temple. Traces of Atrocity by insane rulers like Adil shahi iconoclast and Tipu sultan are scattered all over south India. Portuguese were even the worst vultures, when they introduced Goa inquisition to convert Hindu and destroy Hindu religious institutions systematically.

Post-independence, nothing changed. Today temples are under the control of the Government. Systematic plunder is happening. Art and sculpture are stolen and auctioned in Europe shamelessly and openly.  Temple money and donations are confiscated and spent on welfare of others faith. Non-believers are given positions to dictate and govern Hindu institutions. Over 40,000 acre of Temple land are encroached upon in TN alone.

While not a word or a single action has been initiated against the illegal construction of Islamic and missionary faith across India, destruction of temple plunder of temple is continued unabated in free India. British rule illegally distributed millions of acres to missionaries on lease and the Government of India could do nothing.

Who cares? Why is it? Who is doing it?

Not that it is illusive and unknown. It is public knowledge how foreign money to missionary and Jihadi are working against the interest of Hindu Sanatani Belief.  

Generation to come will not forgive the set of governing class and conscience keepers of today who are presiding over this destruction. Curse of the destroyed Temple will not spare any one, is the oldest truth. Look at the daily destruction of humanity in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

When the world will burn in the sin of their earlier generation, no time left for remorse and atonement for these historical injustices.

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