Let me start off with the electoral politics. A political party just needs 35-40% of popular votes to come to power either in Center or State. Muslims are already nearly 20% of electorate.

Lets look at the most recent elections i.e. the elections in Bengal. BJP put up a great show but still TMC came to power. How?

The percentage of Muslim votes in Bengal is 30% which went en-masse to TMC. TMC managed to get some Hindu votes (some upper caste votes) and won easily.

How the Gandhis (supported by communists) have so far managed to remain in power?

The Maths is simple. Muslims form about 20% of the electorate and are united. They have for long voted en-masse for the Gandhis/Congress. Gandhis know very well that Hindus have deep fault-lines along castes. Hence, they used to manage some 20% of votes from few castes and come to power. And they don’t care for rest of Hindus/Non-Muslims. Gandhis are therefore okay if you call yourself a Dalit, Tribal or Jat, but are uncomfortable if you call yourself a Hindu.

Similarly Lalu and Mulayam had created a Muslim + Yadav vote bank and ruled for decades. Muslims are nearly 20-25% and Yadavs are nearly 10-15%.

Similarly, Mayawati with the help of Muslim+Dalit Vote bank has ruled for quite some time.

Similarly, in Kerala, the Muslim votes go to Communists or Gandhis (both are anti-Hindu parties). The Hindu votes are split. And hence in the last elections BJP did not get a single MLA.

After the Ram Janmabhoomi movement, there has been a Hindu awakenining and thats the main reason why Gandhis have become weak.

In 2014, BJP mainly came to power because the Hindu votes got consolidated. And that’s good.

What needs to be done to ensure that no anti-Hindu political party comes to power?

Its very simple: Hindus need to think themselves Hindu first and then along caste lines. Also, there should be more and more inter-caste marriages so that caste conflicts are minimized.

If we don’t do this, Hinduism will become history as anti-Hindu parties will come to power and finish off Hinduism. That was all set to happen, but Hindus did the right thing at the right time by developing “some” unity. But more needs to be done.

By Hindu I mean all religions having Center of gravity in India and includes Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Tribals.

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