Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath who is a very able administrator, no nonsense man is also an ascetic proud of Sanatan Dharma’s eternal wisdom and spirituality. He has brought the reckless run of mafia rule in the state for almost two decades under control, ushered in many developmental programs and has no tolerance for corruption in governance. Yogi has also revived and reclaimed Sanatan pride by renaming Allahabad to its original name Prayagraj, redeveloping the ghats along the holy Ganga. The Uttar Pradesh Government under Yogi Adiyanath has also decided to establish an University named after Bhagwan Ram Ram in Ayodhya soon.

Dr Dinesh Sharma, the Deputy Chief Minister announced the proposal to establish Bhagwan Ram University in Ayodhya and stated the university would be a centre conducting deep and serious academic research in the field of religion and culture. The University would specialise in research related to Hindu religious philosophy and the life of Bhagwan Ram.

It is noteworthy that the Yogi government had already declared its plan to construct an airport in Ayodhya to boost religious tourism. An informative and stunning museum dedicated to life and teachings of Bhagwan Ram has already been built by the Yogi government in the ancient town of Ayodhya which is a centre of attraction for all pilgrims and tourists.

Several projects are underway to enhance the infrastructural facilities in and around Ayodhya.

The Yogi government has also made many plans to develop Ayodhya as a major international spiritual and cultural centre with the construction of a grand temple marking the place of birth of Bhagwan Ram now becoming a reality. So, the Yogi government is making all efforts to restore Ayodhya and various other pilgrimage centres to its ancient pristine glory which would not only promote Sanatani culture and tradition but also provide employment opportunities generated from religious tourism second to none in the world.

News and image source: Organiser

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