In a shocking development, the anti-Hindu DMK party under Chief Minister MK Stalin tries to outdo his father’s legacy in pursuing anti-Hindu policy by making a series of anti-Hindu administrative moves right since it came to power after 10 years on May 2nd this year.

Right on the heels of demolition of seven ancient Temples in Tamil Nadu, there has been a spate of attacks by vandals desecrating ancient Hindu Temples recently under DMK’s watch. The 2G scam accused DMK party government earlier this week came up with a proposal designed to loot Hindu Temple jewellery by melting it, converting it to gold bars and ostensibly monetise it by depositing it in banks.

Now the Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments (HR&CE) Department under the DMK Government has brazenly removed the words ‘Hindu Religious’ and made it simply Charitable Endowment Department suggesting that it has nothing to do with Hindu Religion. The only catch here being the HR&CE department was solely created under the HR&CE Act for taking over the control of Hindu Religious Temples and Institutions in Tamil Nadu, a majority of them being more than 2000 years.

There are more than 37,000 Hindu Temples and Hindu religious institutions acquired by the HR&CE forcefully from the Hindu devotees and controlled and managed by the Tamil Nadu government. Scores of ancient majestic temples under government control are in state of utter ruin and mismanagement where ancient Temple jewellery and Murtis of deities are stolen regularly. More than 50,000 acres of temple land has been illegally alienated by the HR&CE department over the years.

The DMK government which is famous for its hatred for Hindus have been assiduously following an anti-Hindu agenda since MK Stalin took oath as CM. Pertinently, the DMK honchos have always held the views that all Hindu temples should be done away with and in their places hospitals and schools should be built.

Pertinently, many signboards across Tamil Nadu of the HR&CE department as the one in Nagercoil in Kanyakumari district shown below has come up where clearly the words “Hindu Samayam Matrum” from have been removed from the “Hindu Samayam Matrum Aranilaya Thorai” (Transliterated from Tamil).

The sign board of Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowment Department in Nagercoil, Kanyakumari has removed the words “Hindu Religious And” from it to say just “Charitable Endowment Department”. This HR&CE Superintendent Office supervising all Hindu Temples in Kanyakumari District, Susindram, Nagercoil area has now undergone a secular transformation under the anti-Hindu DMK regime and calls itself “Charitable Enownent Department”.

Notably, the Tamil Nadu government singularly controls Hindu Temples and Hindu Religious institutions and leaves untouched Mosques, Wakf property and Church and Church property.

The DMK party bigwigs from Karunanidhi onwards, treading on the footsteps of original Hindu-hater EV Ramasamy, has been very close to the Christian evangelist mafia in contrast to their so-called anti-God ‘rationalist’ stand. So, the latest move by the DMK led Stalin government perhaps wants to mischievously convert all the ancient Hindu Temples under HR&CE department into “secular” schools and hospitals run by evangelist Christianist mafia when it decided to remove the words “Hindu Religious” from the HR&CE department controlling ancient Hindu Temples.

It is hoped that the so-called ‘rationalist’ MK Stalin and his DMK/DK combine government makes a legislation to acquire Mosques, properties held by Islamic institutions and Churches with their Church run schools and hospitals under an inclusive ‘Charitable Endowments Department’ mooted by the DMK/DK group.

Hope the DMK government under CM MK Stalin begins by acquiring the famous San Thome Church in Chennai to begin with for more efficient management. Or is the new illegal renaming of HR&CE as mere Charitable Endowment Department a ploy to convert ancient Hindu Temples into Christian Convent Schools or Church run Hospitals under the garb of charity in gross violation of religious freedom of Hindus?

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