The Uttar Pradesh ATS has uncovered a conversion racket and arrested two Maulanas, Omar Gautam and Jahangir from Lucknow for allegedly converting more than a thousand poor Hindus to Islam. The duo have been engaged in this organised conversion business for the past several years aided by foreign funds under the direction of ISI according to the ATS report.

The UP ADG (Law and Order) Prashant Kumar (Prashant Kumar) reportedly said that a big gang was engaged in conversion racquet. It essentially targeted vulnerable Hindus by offering money , jobs, promise of marriage and other inducements. Omar Gautam S/O Dhanraj Singh Gautam, resident of Batla House, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi was reportedly first arrested in the case. His accomplice Jahangir was arrested later. Both of them converted with fear and temptation.‎

‎According to ATS report, these people converted Hindus through various inducements were brainwashed with hatred for Hinduism and radicalised. These radicalised converts were then deputed to spread communal hatred and incite communal riots disturbing communal harmony.


‎More than 1,000 people converted so far‎

Deaf & Dumb Children Targeted & Poor Girls Converted By Using Muslim Boys

The ADG (Law and Order) Prashant Kumar said the two Maulanas have so far converted more than 1,000 people. They have converted over two dozen deaf and dumb children in the Noida Deaf Society run residential school to Islam without the knowledge of their parents. Many young Hindu girls from poor background have also been trapped and converted to Islam by using allurement, threat and coercion by mentally pressurising them. Not only that, they also married them off after conversion to Islam to radical elements.

Hindu girls from poor background were entrapped by using Muslim boys in an organised manner through this Islamic Dawah Centre headquartered in Jamia Nagar, N. Delhi. The Muslim boys employed for the purpose for bringing in Hindu girls are handsomely compensated monetarily. The Muslim boys are trained to woo Hindu girls using various techniques like giving the targeted Hindu girls expensive gifts in ‘love relationships’ aka ‘Love Jihad’ or ‘Grooming Jihad’ and later converted to Islam by coercion and blackmail. The girls are so deeply entrapped that they accept their fate and become soldiers of Jihad.


‎‎Conversion Networks In Various States Including UP

‎According to the UP ATS, conversions were carried out in Noida, Kanpur, Mathura and other parts of the country. While Omar Gautam was himself a Hindu who converted to Islam, he was so much radicalised after converting to Islam that he has been instrumental in converting more than 1000 Hindus to Islam.

The ATS report also states that several programs have been organised to formalise these conversions where non-Muslims are also invited to draw them to Islam by offering monetary and other benefits for converting to Islam.

The UP ATS also report also states that conversions have been made at the behest of the Islamic Dawah Center. Notably, Dawa is a concept in Islam where Muslims invite non-Muslims to convert to Islam, by rubbishing the other one’s faith using all kinds of nefarious methods like allurement and threats to achieve the said goal. Funds for conversion activities of the Islamic Dawah Centre came from abroad actively aided by Pakistan’s intelligence agency, ISI.

The accused have been produced in the court with request for police custody of the two men.

News input and image source: News 18.

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