Division of the Indian Subcontinent brought pain, violence, death and destruction. Not once but has continued since then at every small interval. Memory does fade but pictures never.

1947–Genocide of Hindu Sikh and Muslim are fragmentally documented. 

1971- Genocide of Bengali Hindu and Muslim are selective documented.

Nearly 5 Million people have been massacred in this Indian Sub-continent? And no one owes an explanation or accountability.

While partition of Indian subcontinent led to a creation of a Muslim Theocratic state in Pakistan and Muslim state of Bangladesh, it offered no state to Hindu. Bharat which became India was deceptively converted into a Secular democratic State.

A secular democratic state is no one`s country.  And that turned out to be so true. India became home to illegal migrants. Burmese Christian Tribe, Bangladeshi Rohingya, Afgani Muslims, Tibetan Buddhist and Bangladeshi Muslims crossed the border, occupied land, demanded rights and contested for their privileges. Drugs, female trafficking, rape and violence committed by these groups had been widely reported in media. Instead of attending to duty, Politicians and legal institutions offered a ring of protection.

Today, Hindu have no country in the World. The oldest civilization strong in numbers as big as over 100 cr have forgotten their concept of home. Hindu should be best defined as Indecisive and disinterested group of people who have long forgotten their concept of nationhood and civilization. From Sankaracharya to Vivekananda, it seems no one could succeed in shaking the willfully sleeping society.

What next, political leaders who are governing the State of India should attend to the soulful demand of a Sanatani Hindu Civilization.

When will you make Country free from illegal migrants?

When will the Sanatan Temple be freed from Govt plunder?

When will the Sanatan institution in academia, spirituality be restored?

When will the Sanatan Hindu get a Homeland?

So easily we forget the promise to the nation. 15th August is a struggle day for freedom. This day should remind the nation to fulfill the unfinished promise to this Indus Saraswati Civilization. Social dirt and hidden disease should be surgically removed. Balakot was symbolic only.

What next?  Time is ticking. Historical blunders are not discussed and amended. Generation ruling states are behaving like visitors on the planet earth. As long as the root of the problem is not addressed, History would be rewritten for the worst.

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