Hitler didi and her TMC goons have received ample coverage in the past few weeks. However, the Governor of West Bengal – Jagdeep Dhankar is currently touring violence affected areas and meeting iwth the victims and listenign to their horrendous tales.

He reports that:

Governor West Bengal Jagdeep Dhankhar@jdhankhar1

All day witnessed such tales of sorrow, grief and horror as victim after victim narrated horrendous post poll retributive violence incidents @MamataOfficial. Helpless victims in crossfire of police @WBPolice and ruling party workers. Will endeavor to deliberate with CM.

People are in mortal fear of police @WBPolice and ruling dispensation workers. A dozen ruling party workers could stop my convoy, with no fear of law and police. Such state of affairs @MamataOfficial ! I had to intervene finding they were determined to involve with my security.

At Coochbehar. Visited several affected areas. Distressed at grim scenario. After listening to tales of sorrow no tears left in my eyes. Never imagined severity of post poll retributive violence @MamataOfficial was much beyond. One is made to pay with life and rights for voting!

Reflect- Four States and UT went for polls. Violence only here ! How can such scenario be overlooked when people are being made to pay with their right to life & suffer indignities because they chose to vote out of their own volition ! It is decimation of essence of democracy ?

This is all well and good, but what is the PLAN, Governor? What will YOU do about this unfairness and injustice?

The public wants to know.

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