The victims of Rape Jihad are getting younger and younger where very young girls are being entrapped by jihadis, blackmailed and driven to suicide. A 14 year old bubbly, pretty young girl who was also a national level Karate player was constantly blackmailed by Sunny Khan for sexual favours. The young girl unable to bear the blackmail committed suicide by hanging from ceiling at her home in Howrah, West Bengal. This horrifyingly tragic incident brings to fore the vulnerability of young Hindu and other non-Muslim girls to Rape Jihad/Sex Jihad which is assuming pandemic proportions in India.

The young 14 year old girl, Pamela Adhikari studying in class 8th used to reportedly post very regularly on Instagram and other social media platforms several pictures and videos seeing which Sunny Khan approached her on the social media with offer for modelling assignments. The family is said to have informed the police that recently a young man named Sunny Khan had contacted her through social media for a modelling assignment.

Sunny Khan and young Pamela then met at a place to discuss the modelling offer. Sunny Khan reportedly took few intimate pictures of the young girl with him. He then allegedly started making some indecent proposals to her which she refused. On her refusal to his illegal demands, he started blackmailing the young girl threatening to make her intimate pictures viral on social media. The young girl barely 14 took her life unable to bear the mental torture of relentless blackmail.

The young minor girl, mentioned the reason for her suicide as mental torture by blackmail in her mobile phone message. The police have reportedly registered a case of abetment of suicide against Sunny Khan who is absconding after the news of the young girl’s suicide came to light.

This incident and several other incidents involving very young minor girls getting entrapped in organised or lone wolf ‘Grooming Sex Jihad’ by feigning love and befriending them raises many red flags of lack of proper parental guidance and protection leading to such situations.

In the pretty bubbly and talented young Pamela’s case, the young child was not warned by her parents to not post pictures and videos, specially ‘sexy ones’, in Instagram and other social media which is visited by many perverts including lustful Islamists, who do not think twice before making young minor girls a target of their lust.

It is another matter that the Jihadi Islamists even target women covered from head to toe to satisfy their carnal lusts as they are given religious instructions to look at non-Muslim women, even young girl children, as objects of sex-slaves to serve Jihadists.

The parents also failed to warn her against befriending unknown people in social media and trusting them. They should have persuaded her against meeting people like Sunny Khan whose background and character is unknown.

The connection of the parents with their children about knowing the background of their friends and acquaintances seems to have completely vanished making the young impressionable minds vulnerable to such Jihadist attacks.

The parents of young children, male or female, have to establish a connect with the youthful children and appraise them of the guile and deceptions used by Islamist predators posing many times as devout modern Hindus assuming different identities, establish friendship with the young children, lure them into sexual relationships and later blackmail them with the inappropriate pictures for further sexual favours, conversions or even pushing them into flesh trade.

Even male children run a huge risk of being targeted by Jihadists as Bachcha Baazi or paedophilia is an acceptable practice among many sections of Muslims in the Indian subcontinent.

The parents should in a friendly manner draw the young children to follow Hindu culture, instil confidence in the children by gently and persuasively guiding them to follow traditional value system which would keep them away from harm till they become mature enough to see through such frauds.

The parents should instil a sense of pride in the children about their traditional identity and help the children to confide in their parents about every problem the child faces – even their romantic crushes. This would enable the parents to help the children deal with perverse, manipulative and extortionist ‘Grooming Rape Jihad’ targeting young children. The young girls and even boys can get timely help from their parents and elders to successfully avoid the pitfalls of Sex Jihad which would save them from suicides or murders or getting caught in the flesh trade web.

A very pretty talented budding sportswomen and a young 14 year old girl, Pamela has been snatched away from her parents crushing the young girl’s dreams of becoming a professional sportswoman and an artist plainly due to firstly —– the perverse Jihadist mentality of not leaving alone even young children for sex-slavery; secondly —– due to lack of sensitive guidance by her elders to avoid such pitfalls.

It is hoped that this article is not taken as victim shaming but as a sincere advise to avoid loss of beautiful young minds and children to Jihad.

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