Who pays the price of Mis-Governance and Jungle Raj? Only citizens of the land. This phrase has confined the consequence of a failed state within the local society. And there have been numerous examples to buttress this claim also.

But the impending challenging days in Pakistan would not remain a local issue. Pakistan Economic distress, State sponsored plunder and Politician`s corruption has brought the state near to collapse.

https://kreately.in/history-of-selling-poverty-and-begging-pakistan/ – A nation which has mastered begging as a solution to its Poverty.

https://kreately.in/10-reason-why-pakistan-will-cease-to-exist-sooner-than-later/  This story written months back – Why Pakistan will cease to exist sooner than later is proving true for this given trajectory?

Why will it not be a Local issue? A new dimension has emerged and it needs to be understood?

Pakistan is not a small state. It is a country with the largest Muslim population 22 Cr after Indonesia. Almost equal. While almost all Muslim countries have preserved its historical past, its pre- Islamic past, Pakistan has been taught and trained to wilfully forget.

One of the biggest shame and insult of Pakistani society is to realize, they had Hindu Ancestors. Yes, the Pakistani history curriculum starts with 712 AD with Mohammed Bin Qasim and then an imaginary Turkish ancestor has been manufactured for the masses.

Pakistan is a unique country given such a circumstance.

Imaran Khan, the last deposed Prime Minister manufactured an idea. Riyaset a Madina. This is another grandiose tale of befooling citizens and the international community. He further shared the stage with Turkish Erdogan and Malaysian Mahathir to usurp the narrative of Islamic leadership. Pakistan Under Late Zia also made a failed attempt to emerge as leader of Islamic nation.

These failed efforts of Pakistani establishment or rejection by fellow Islamic nations has limited and temporary impact. Pakistan still survived.

But what next?

A failed state with 22 crore citizens will be a horrendous realization for a fellow Muslim nation. The citizen distress of Hunger and poverty would be flashed, telecasted and published across the world. Death destruction and mal-nourished living Human Skeleton would be the new identity of this nation.

No one can help and feed a nation with such a big population. World has come forward to partially assist countries in the past. But those were all smaller countries like Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia etc etc.  But who will feed a nation with 22 Cr citizens?

It will be a Shame for Pakistan Islamic society and the rest of the brother nation of Pakistan as well.

Social Political fulmination from within the Society will be the outcome. New smaller state may emerge. Social and religious belief will be shaken. A shaken and numb society gravitates to its root. What has been concealed from the Pakistani masses all these years will re-emerge. Belief is not that cemented in a few days. It takes generations to shape. And Social religious fulmination of Pakistani society will bring them closure to their Historical archives of numerous generations.

Mohenjo-Daro, Harappa, Shaktipeeth Hinglaj mata Mandir, Manshera Shiv temple, Prahaladpuri Temple of Mulsthana (Multan), Bamiyan Martand Sun temple etc may have been destroyed but had not been erased.

The Sight of a hungry anarchist mob of 22 Cr Population is till date a poetic imagination. The World has not seen it yet. And hence what has not happened would happen then.


Wait to see what unfolds ahead.


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