I have been wanting to write some emotional thoughts about Sushant to all those who are now roaring from every corner of the world from whichever platforms possible.

This pure soul who is guiding us through a revolution to stand up and expose a rotten world which victimised him through deceit has awakened us through our conscience which we, each and every individual is born with.

Everything about Sushant is a lesson, his nature, his qualities, his talent, his Brilliant Brain and Compassionate Heart .Eyes are supposed to be the Windows to the Soul, but it’s just not just his eyes, just look at his innocent GIVING smile, his politeness, good manners, generous nature and humility. I mean do u think anyone so perfect and full of virtues can remain alive in this corrupt world.

And the saddest point is he lost his life to expose a dirty world and to save people like us from being victimized.

Just like how soldiers die to save the country for the salary they receive, this brilliant empathetic soul died to save US, the common man, with no expectations in return. That selfless he was, an epitome of goodness. There is not a moment I don’t wish he had our support THEN than NOW.

Instead of keeping these criminal friends in his house and connecting to so many deceivers who exploited him mercilessly, he should have approached PM Modi whom he wanted to meet or Ratan Tata, Sudha Moorthy, Arnab to confide. These generous souls would have immediately done the needful.

Guess this was how it was meant to be. Destiny played a merciless game on this pure soul. No family, No true friends, he died in agony and with complete Awareness of all the evil  he was surrounded by.

And these thoughts will hurt all of us, who are emotionally connected to this soul, all our lives.

The only gift we can give him is to imbibe his virtues and become kinder human beings everyday giving up our ego and selfishness and fulfill his dreams of a better world devoid of corruption and the evil tragedies happening around us, be it in politics, society or the entertainment industry. I don’t think he expects anything else ever.?

Thank you everyone who reads this. I got emotionally carried away. Let us all stand together and try to help everyone else who can do something for the society on behalf of Sushant.

Also help such sincere souls like all the youtubers, who have been relentlessly fighting the most consistent battles in their fight for Sushant. ?

Let us support Everyone as much as we can instead of Questioning their motives, integrity and sincerity. All those whose words are filled with in depth Knowledge, Wisdom, Care and Concern have to be encouraged and supported.

Let us not do to anyone anything that Sushant went through during the last 2 yrs of his life ignored, made fun of and victimized in every sense possible.

Let us respect all those who are taking on the System in whichever way possible. They are risking their lives when they expose the system. And hence they deserve Utmost Respect and Understanding from all of us who are  standing up for Sushant. 

These lines are also for all those who like Sushant don’t like to hurt, harm, demean or insult anyone and that includes not just family, friends, but also our maids, drivers, colleagues and each and everyone we connect to or come across. That’s how he was and that’s how we should strive to be. No injustice to anyone in the Name of Justice. 

Thank you to Each and Everyone who reads all these lines patiently with understanding and thinks it has made a difference to their lives. 

Thank you to Arnab, Kangana and Saahil who were the pioneers of this movement. Otherwise Two Departed Great Souls’ purpose and pursuit for Justice to the world at large would have been a Complete Waste.

Thank you so much Sushant and Disha for this Huge Change and Transformation that you both together have brought about.?

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