Bollywood is in danger of collapsing due to a string of failures. The risk in such a circumstance is now readily apparent in soon-to-be-released movies such as Lal Singh Chaddha. The social media trend among Bollywood movies makes it evident what would happen to Aamir Khan’s movie Lal Singh Chadha. Twitter users frequently troll Lal Singh Chadha as inspired by Forest Gump and call for a movie boycott.

The hashtag #BoycottLaalSinghChaddha is currently trending on social media as Laal Singh Chaddha, Aamir Khan’s long-gestating film is up for release. Every day, Aamir Khan’s videos, words, and movie clips in which he made disparaging remarks about Hindu deities in his films and made anti-India and anti-Hindu religious views are tweeted. The frequent calls for boycotts suggest that Aamir Khan’s “Lal Singh Chadha” has already been a massive flop before it has even been released.

The movie is scheduled for release on August 11, but as that date draws closer, public opposition to it is growing to the point where Lal Singh Chadha ends before it even begins. Aamir Khan’s whistle has unquestionably disappeared when considering the list of recent Bollywood dud movies.

There are only 10 days till the movie’s release, so perhaps Aamir Khan isn’t in the mood to take any chances right now.

Aamir Khan in a statement to the media said, “It takes a lot of effort in making a film. It is not just an actor’s, but many people’s emotions are involved. After watching the movie you can like it and you have full right to dislike it too.” Aamir Khan went on to say, “This way things hurt before the release of the film. I don’t know why people are doing this. I believe that some people think that I do not like this country. But I want to say to those people that it is not true. I have a lot of love for this country and the people here. I would request them to please not boycott my film and go to theaters to watch the film.”

On the one hand, while Aamir Khan is appealing to watch the film, his heroine Kareena Kapoor in the film said in a conversation with leftist journalist Barkha Dutt that “if someone has trouble with their films, don’t watch it”.

By the way, Aamir Khan loves India and its people very much and needs the country and its people right now, but how did he forget that his ex-wife felt unsafe living in India?

May you forget, Aamir Khan, but the Indian people will never forget how your films made fun of the deities worshipped by millions of Hindus.  How you traveled to Turkey under the guise of filming to meet the dictator of India’s adversary nation.

Aamir Khan is indeed using all strategies to ensure the success of his movie. First of all, he twice changed the movie’s release date, first in February and then in April. Then, in a subsequent action, Aamir Khan reached an agreement with the PVR Group, according to which PVR was required to pre-book all of its prime-time programs for “Lal Singh Chadha” and screen his movie on top screens. Additionally, for roughly ten days, PVR will air “Lal Singh Chadha” during prime time programming. Who exactly is Aamir Khan, a perfectionist who lacks faith in their work and narrative?

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