The team of NIA and Gujarat ATS arrived in Surat, Bharuch, and Navsari on July 31, 2022, to conduct an investigation.Jaleel, a suspect is also being detained by the NIA for questioning. The action is reportedly being done in relation to a 2021 terror module case. In a coordinated operation by the Surat police, NIA, and ATS, a suspect in the age group of 20-25 years is taken into custody. Maulana Jaleel is the man in question. As per local media sources, Maulana Jaleel has been under questioning since five in the morning. He is transported for questioning to the SOG office in the Gopipura extension.

Although Surat Police, NIA, or ATS have not yet provided any formal information, it is anticipated that they will do so soon. The action has been started in relation to a terror module case that surfaced in 2021, according to a News18 Gujarati report. In this module, the name of the village of Bhatkal came up. The agencies located a person residing in the Lalgate neighbourhood of Surat after questioning the people connected to this case. After operations in Navsari on Saturday late at night, one suspect, who is from Ahmedabad, was apprehended and was also being questioned. One father-son team was reportedly being questioned in the case in Bharuch as well, according to News 18 Gujarati. They may be linked to the terrorist organisation Al Badr.


It should be highlighted that people with ties to ISIS have lately been detained in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. On July 28, Tamil Nadu police detained a man by the name of Asif. He was interrogated by the NIA for ten hours before being arrested. He has been charged with violating several IPC and UAPA provisions. In addition to this, Adil alias Zuba, one of the men, was detained in Tamil Nadu on Monday, July 25, 2022. On Sunday, July 24, 2022, the Central Crime Branch arrested Akhtar Hussain from the Bangalore neighbourhood of Tilak Nagar.The accused were about to commit terrorist attacks, according to preliminary findings. Al-Qaeda was also connected to Akhtar Hussain. Akhtar moved to Bangalore seven months ago; he is an Assamese native. In the past, he served as a delivery boy for a food delivery service.

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