Shravan Kumar will now be known as Abdul Jameel. On Thursday 21st July 2022 Abdul Jameel in Fatehpur in Uttar Pradesh gave up Islam and became a Hindu. He received his initiation from legislation in the Patel Nagar Hanuman Temple in the city, where acharyas were present and mantras were being chanted. He stated that he has always had confidence in Sanatan Dharma during this time. His ancestors were Rajputs as well. However, Abdul also encountered resistance from his family members over this choice. He was a railroad supervisor in the past.



Manoj Trivedi, the provincial general secretary of the All India Hindu Mahasabha, reported that Abdul Jameel, 65, was the top reservation supervisor for the railroads in Fatehpur. He is now retired. They are Hathras, Sadabad, natives. He currently resides in the city’s Deviganj district. He indicated his desire to embrace Sanatan Dharma, therefore Acharya Pandit Ram Lala Mishra granted him Diksha during the Hanuman temple’s puja recital. He is now known as Shravan Kumar. Abdul Jameel claimed to have a son and three daughters. His family was adamantly against him adopting Hinduism, but he was motivated by Sanatan Dharma to do so.



Abdul Jameel claimed that the Rajputs were our ancestors. My father, Abdul Hamid Baig, was persuaded to convert to Islam by various individuals by promising him land and the chance to wed a lovely Muslim woman, among other things. The family members have been practising Islam ever since. But Sanatan dharma has always been my allegiance. For the past ten years, I have been conducting my life in accordance with Hindu traditions. The satisfaction of getting home is now present.

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