How many of you remember the little Syrian kid Aylan kurdi?

The child and his family (except the father, who is now remarried) drowned In meditaranian sea while on their way to European nation. Photographs were taken to get a proper “pose” to garner as much sympathy as possible. And the trick worked, and the pic went viral within minutes. There is no match to Islamists, when it comes to playing victim and to garner sympathy.

The middle East has always been a region of unrest. At no point in time is there a total peace in that part of the world. Just few years back the middle East was in fire and the people of that land faced mass exodus(Syria, Iraq, Iran). Those who left their land, reached the European and American countries as illegal immigrants. Some countries welcomed them, and some did not. Yet, somehow they got in.

But, imagine fleeing from a country which has a particular ideology, and because of that ideology the lives of millions was threatened, or atleast was portrayed to be threatened. And upon reaching other nations, these very people who were forced to flee their own countries, start working on installing the same ideologies in their new inhabited country. The very same ideologies which led their exodus in the first case.

The scenario is usually the same. Certain unrest in some middle East countries takes place, which is quite genuine. And I am not even questioning any of them. But the later events that follows, looks so familiarly scripted every single time. Any unrest in the middle East is always followed by mass exodus from the middle East. And from there starts the process of ILLEGALLY occupying other countries.

This illegal immigration to other nations is certainly by chance, but not just by chance but it’s more of a planned opportunity, the usual backdrop of which is an UNREST. Once it is achieved, the people of that land have got the licence to migrate to other more develeoped or non islamic nations.

If we notice the behaviour of these talibani people by the various videos now circulating on the internet (Google: talibani riding toy cars in children’s park, talibani working out in gym), one can notice, not just how unconnected are they from the modern world but also how demented their behaviour is, as compared to an average grown up person. And It is not for nothing. These people have been disconnected from the world and are fed with the islamic teaching since the very childhood. It’s the best time to brainwash anyone (that’s the reason why many political parties resort to teaching fake history in school syllabus ). And don’t get me wrong when I say “brainwashed”, as they behave exactly in the way, their islamic book tells them to.

These half cooked, brainwashed peeps can jump of a cliff without chutes, if they are asked to do it in the service of Islam. These are the very people from whome you would run away, if they scream “Allah- hu- akbar”. For these people, hanging on an airplane is no big deal. In the worst case scenario, they may die, in which case they will be rewarded in “Jannat”. And if not, they will reach their new destination. The main point of such acts is to garner sympathy for the Islamic people across the globe, in order to legitimize their ILLEGAL infiltratration to other countries.

Looking at the airport visual can be pretty disturbing to normal people. But if looked at carefully, none of the people sitting on the plane looked tensed ( I am not factoring in the misery and chaos suffered by afghans in the entire nation which is indeed a truth ). One guy was using his mobile to record the visual while sitting under the aircrafts wings and smiling. Other guy was seen running and waving happily at the cameras. Most of those running were seen as if they were enjoying the sport of “climbing and grabbing a seat on the plane”. I am pretty sure these are the same half cooked meats who thought riding a plane that way would be as easy as riding those toy cars in children’s park.

Not a single women or children are seen at that sight. Where ever mass exodus takes place, people flee with their family, and family includes women and children as well. Similar was the case when muslims arrived at European countries in boats few years ago. Not a single women or children even then.

Now what cause does this illegal infiltration to other nations serve?

The main motivation of muslims is the service of Allah, Muhammed and Islam, and the spread of Islam throughout the world. And by providing these valuable service at the cost of their lives to their “Ummah”, they get a free ticket to “jannat” in return. The services of jannat are better than that of any wonderland that you might have heard or dreamt of. Well, most of you might know about it, I don’t wish to go into the details of the services provided.

History has known Islam using swords to spread its religion. Modern time, calls for a modern approach. Illegal migration gives them that opportunity. UNREST is just a REASON to grab that OPPORTUNITY. Once they reach their new destinations, their main aim is to gather in large numbers, and increase their counts (population).

When they are less in numbers, they are “peaceful” people, who only seek safety and well being of their own, nothing more. But the numbers doesn’t stop there, it keeps on multiplying at a rapid rate. And when enough numbers are achieved, the peaceful community turns “Aggressive”. Aggressive in demanding their rights, aggressive in imposing their way of life, aggressive in demanding separate sharia law for them.

Then the infiltration into government organizations starts taking place. They seep into every public, private, political, civil, Government organizations and start becoming key members to bringing changes in the policies of the organization and the nation. Corrupt parties support them as they increase in numbers and in return they serve them as a mass vote bank to them

This is how the modern islamization of the world starts. Unrest is just an opportunity.

Smital Viswambharan

DISCLAIMER: The author is solely responsible for the views expressed in this article. The author carries the responsibility for citing and/or licensing of images utilized within the text.